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BMI Lounge access with FC Gold

Postby tontybear » 06 Feb 2011, 11:23

I thought BMI used T1 whereas VS use T3
Huzzah for International Jet-setting !

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Travel Addict
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Postby spiceke » 06 Feb 2011, 11:56

Interesting thread as I had exactly the same scenario a few days ago.

Booked to go to Berlin with Mrs S - last time went with BA, but not going to chance it again with strikes (and that is a shareholder saying that so what it is doing to their reveue, Heaven knows)

Had a choice of BMI or Lufthansa.

BMI slightly more expensive but I thought worth it for lounge access - the snob in me always wins.

However - BMI call centre didn't know about access for Mrs S and VS Premier line said she would not get access.

So ........ booked the cheaper Lufthansa flight (same metal though)

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Postby worc0670 » 06 Feb 2011, 15:08

Nope, must be flying VS to use the VS lounge, even with a Gold card. One of the disappointments of gaining Gold......

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Frequent Flyer
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Postby Martin » 28 Feb 2011, 14:54

GHM197 wrote:Can't you just go in the Virgin Clubhouse rather than the BMI lounge? I'm pretty sure as a Gold card holder you (and one guest) can go there, irrespective of which airline you're flying with, or whether you're flying domestically or internationally.


You can't do this for two reasons:
1) As a Gold card holder they do check you have a VS ticket before they let you into the Virgin clubhouse
2) VS are in terminal 3, but BMI international goes from T1 so the logistics make it impossible if you just have an hour or two.

As it turned out, I upgraded at check in for £150 pp and that gave me full BMI lounge access.


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