Thursday, October 30, 2014
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Seat Maps & Ratings

The configuration of aircraft cabins changes all the time. Virgin do publish seat maps on their own website, but they're not to scale - and if you want to see how far your really are away from the WC, or you didn't quite appreciate how much the cabin curves in on those front few rows, the V-Flyer seat maps are just what you need. You can also see a summary of what other V-Flyers thought of specific seats - handy if you're on the phone to Virgin trying to choose where to sit for your next flight. If you want to contribute to the database of ratings, submit a Virgin Atlantic Trip Report in our Forums, and the data will be automatically collected.

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Top Upper Class Seat Ratings
SeatAverage RatingNumber of Ratings
10KAverage Rating 5 2
16GAverage Rating 5 1
8KAverage Rating 5 2
08KAverage Rating 5 1
12KAverage Rating 4 6
5AAverage Rating 4 5
3KAverage Rating 4 20
8GAverage Rating 4 4
3AAverage Rating 4 7
9AAverage Rating 4 26

Top Premium Economy Seat Ratings
SeatAverage RatingNumber of Ratings
20KAverage Rating 5 1
18FAverage Rating 5 2
22DAverage Rating 5 1
20CAverage Rating 5 1
20DAverage Rating 5 3
22AAverage Rating 4 4
18AAverage Rating 4 11
20GAverage Rating 4 6
21CAverage Rating 4 2
18KAverage Rating 4 8

Top Economy Seat Ratings
SeatAverage RatingNumber of Ratings
34FAverage Rating 5 1
51CAverage Rating 5 1
35AAverage Rating 5 1
59HAverage Rating 5 1
33FAverage Rating 5 1
36CAverage Rating 5 1
33GAverage Rating 5 1
37KAverage Rating 5 1
31KAverage Rating 4 3
51HAverage Rating 4 3


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