#919264 by mallin
28 Mar 2016, 03:59
To anyone who is up early or late, hello from the lounge very busy in the airport took half an hour to get through security. The lounge was standing room only because the 44 to Gatwick is seriously delayed and they are still here waiting for news. Our flight is at 21.30 so hopefully no delays but we are both on the same gate as Virgin, so should be fun.

Had a nice weeks break, been very windy, cloudy and hot back to cold and miserable.

Had a very good flight out will do a trip report later in the week for any BA watchers. We were upstairs on the 747 which was very nice and excellent service. Linda
#919265 by gumshoe
28 Mar 2016, 04:51
Hi Linda - I'm also on the BA274 so waves from the gate! We were booked on the VS44 which has now been cancelled but managed to grab the last 3 seats in Club World.

I hope everyone else booked on the VS44 makes it back safely. I believe they're being put up at the Tropicana until the flight's rescheduled tomorrow but at this stage they don't know when. Apparently Tinker Belle suffered a lightning strike on her way into LAS and they need to fly in a spare part.
#919267 by hiljil
28 Mar 2016, 08:09
Hope all went well with the flight, Linda and not too much turbulence en route !

Look forward to the TR.
#919282 by gumshoe
28 Mar 2016, 19:55
By way of an update, I'm glad to say the BA274 landed pretty much on time at LHR just after 1530, by which time Katie had died down. One of my bags fell victim to the last minute transfer from VS and didn't make it on board so fingers crossed BA find it soon.

I gather Sunday's VS44 is now scheduled to depart LAS 24 hours late at 2350 BST tonight as the VS1044. From what I saw only 7 VS pax were rebooked on to the BA274 last night, 3 of us in Club World and a group of 4 in WT+ (who didn't get any of their bags).

Everyone else was sent to a hotel to await the rescheduled flight; I see there are a few complaints on Twitter about lack of communication and long waits for buses but up to the point that VS cancelled the flight and sent everyone downstairs to reclaim their bags I thought the LAS ground agents did an excellent job, delivering on their promise of updates every 30 minutes (even if just to say "no news") and proactively handing out meal vouchers and leaflets explaining how to claim compensation under EC261/2004.
#919283 by mallin
28 Mar 2016, 20:01
Hi Gumshoe just got home, did not get your reply as we could have said hello, were you upstairs or down in club we were upstairs. Yes I heard they were putting everyone up at the Tropicana, yes it was a good flight did not sleep much only nodded off occasionally . They kept us waiting a while to dock at the bridge and the traffic on the M25 was very slow, but we got home by 6.30pm which was good going. Very smooth landing and an excellent crew they remembered us from on the way out. Linda
#919285 by mallin
28 Mar 2016, 20:07
Yes that was me and hubby, if only we had known I did hear you talking about not having to flip the seat over and thought you may have been ex Virgin. Regards Linda
#919288 by buns
28 Mar 2016, 21:01
Mallin and Gumshoe

Glad you all got back OK

Thanks for the coal face reports that told it as it is and saves us trying to work out what parts of the subsequent Daily Mail reports are fact or fiction ;-)

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