#919724 by hiljil
07 Apr 2016, 11:27
I am puzzled as to why a plane can take off on time ( even earlier than some days I've been following ) yet is being shown an arrival time of 45 minutes late. I wondered if it was conditions en route but a plane with a later departure to the same destination is showing it will arrive on time.

Can anyone please enlighten me ? ! :-O

Thank you.
#919725 by gumshoe
07 Apr 2016, 11:45
Could be any number of reasons:

* change to a less powerful thus slower aircraft than the one scheduled for the flight
* longer route to avoid bad weather on the quickest route
* captain forced to fly at lower altitude (thus slower journey) due to minor technical fault which prevents flying higher
* known air traffic delays at destination

I'm sure there are others ...
#919734 by hiljil
07 Apr 2016, 14:43
Thank you, both :-D
#919742 by Eggtastico
07 Apr 2016, 19:13
dickydotcom wrote:Powerful headwinds:
Get them coming back and it's a great bonus.

Dick D

You're not wrong... Once I was on a short flight that was supposed to take 50mins.
Within 50mins, I had not only landed, but I was back in my car with the airport a distant view in my rear mirror.
#919743 by Hev60
07 Apr 2016, 20:05
Interesting point Hiljil

I remember in 2005 being at Gatwick heading out to MCO. Our VS27 flight was due to take off at 11.15 in those days.

It came up on the board the flight had been delayed until 13.30, so over 2hours late :-O . However the VS15 took off on time at 12.30

We eventually left Gatwick at 13.50. The pilot announced we would be taking a "shorter route" which would be very different from the norm. We actually made up incredible time and in fact as we started our descent near Florida he told us to look left (if possible) as we overtook the VS15 :-D We landed before them but had left nearly one & half hours later.

So my example is a late departure but earlier arrival !!!
#919781 by Jaguar41
08 Apr 2016, 20:00
You will find like VS27 going to MCO if it's 2 hours late it switches with VS75 which normally gets there 1 or 2 hours earlier but coming back VS76 leaves later then VS28 , so on the return back to uk they would be on time if that makes sense.
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