#923426 by stevedaley
06 Jul 2016, 08:31
Thought I would share this!!

I was on the last flight from LHR - MAN last Wednesday with BA, we were due to depart at 20.35, the flight was delayed
for about 45 mins, which resulted in me missing the last train to get me home. I spoke with BA customer services at LHR who told me to get a cab and send the receipt in, The cab cost £54.00, I wasn't hopeful to be honest as the agent said they may pay it, but they were not obliged to. I Checked my bank this morning, and they have paid the cab fare in full - Result!!
#923474 by Eggtastico
06 Jul 2016, 14:50
Good old BA
Had a long delay with Virgin last summer, missed my train with pre-booked tickets.
Landed to late to even change the train time & claw some money back & had to fork out nearly £300 to get home - that on top of the £80+ tickets I had already purchased & couldnt use.

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