#927293 by mallin
11 Oct 2016, 14:13
We made it in record time again, no traffic and very quiet everywhere . Until we get to the Lounge where we just about got a seat.

Now it was very frosty in our house last night, as I had a very senior moment.

Went to check in, mine ok hubbys said you do not have a valid ESTA. PANIC!!! >-(
Realised I had updated my Esta but not hubbys, as we are on different renewals thought he had another year to go. After several frought minutes and frantically going on the Esta site and trying not to make any mistakes, with OH breathing down my neck, all done approved and it instantly let us check in.

I am normally well prepared and double and triple check documents.

So think we need the recuperation after that. Linda
#927294 by marshy11
11 Oct 2016, 14:29
OMG what a heart-stopping-near-divorce moment.

Enjoy the lounge and put it all behind you. Have a wonderful onward flight. But recuperate with some bubbles first, you need LOTS!
#927295 by pjh
11 Oct 2016, 14:33
Recuperation definitely needed. Good to see linked up systems though.

Have a great trip.
#927307 by hiljil
11 Oct 2016, 18:31
What a horrible moment. Hope it is all plain sailing from here on. Think I'm too late to say enjoy the Lounge ( just arrived at MIA & waiting for check in to open ).
Have a great flight. :-D
#927354 by mallin
12 Oct 2016, 23:03
On collecting our boarding cards, mentioned to the agent how close I had come to abandoning our holiday. He said we see plenty he had a couple flying First and he told them they couldn't fly as they did not have valid Esta, she had them printed off but had made one digit errors in their passport numbers. I would have thought it would have rejected their application, so it is a warning to all be very careful.

Had a superb flight no turbulence, very smooth and the steak meal was lovely for a change.
We were first off and through customs in less than ten minutes, cases also first off somebody must have thought I'll make the trip good for them now. Also got lovely car from Virgin Alamo, nice and new and clean.

Hope you had a good flight home Hilary. Linda :-D
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