#934271 by easygoingeezer
10 Apr 2017, 18:07
Actually not for me as apparantly I am silver so can get in to The Yorkshire Premier Lounge at LBA, first time in two years as previous to today my silver status did not count in that lounge and they continued to take my £21 to use it.

So anyway I tell them the new CE ticket includes lounge access. No Sir it doesn't and BA told us to only accept C class silver and gold. To the point of rudeness they try to persuade me they know it all. It changed 1st April, no such thing as Club Europe, all flights are Club Europe anyway. A man comes in with a CE ticket at this point, asked to leave right in front of me. I go on manage my booking for my next CE flight and show him my booking giving me directions to The Yorkshire Premier Lounge and granting me access. The guy there was adamant NO ONE with a CE ticket was getting in unless by chance they were silver or gold.
#934281 by ColOrd
10 Apr 2017, 20:01
Sounds pretty shocking, I hope you complained?

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