#935628 by sjcraythorne
29 May 2017, 09:56

Wanting to book return for myself and wife from Belfast to Heathrow from the BA website.

Can one of us book as "Economy -Hand luggage only", and the other book as "Economy - With Checked bag"? We only plan to take one suitcase, and might as well save the approx £30?

Any help would be appreciated
#935630 by gumshoe
29 May 2017, 10:10
I have a feeling you can't do that on the same booking, no. You'd have to make two separate bookings.

Alternatively book two HBO fares and pay extra to check in a bag.
#935634 by tontybear
29 May 2017, 10:42
yes it would be two separate bookings.

However 2 HBOs + buy extra bag may still be more expensive than 1 HBO and 1 with checked bag.

Best to check by doing a dummy booking though I think it's £15 differecne between the basic with no bag and the basoc with bag but £25 to pay separatly for a bag
#935640 by Sealink
29 May 2017, 12:48
Don't forget to check the Club Europe fare, often the difference isn't that much and you get Fastrak security and lounge access. Plus free F&B on board and all the suitcase space you'd need!
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