#938609 by mallin
23 Sep 2017, 23:26
Well we made it here after an exhausting but thrilling holiday. Hubby has driven over 2,500 miles and we have been so lucky with the weather. It's just turned today getting us ready for the weather at home.

Back to all the washing , cleaning and some sleep. The flight is a little delayed due to the incoming aircraft at Heathrow being late, small problem. Linda
#938611 by marshy11
24 Sep 2017, 07:17
Morning Linda,

Hopefully the return flight lived up to expectations and your washing fairy will help with the post holiday chores!
#938614 by pjh
24 Sep 2017, 08:10
That's some road trip! Hope the flight back is good.
#938627 by mallin
24 Sep 2017, 16:33
Home in one piece, on my third load of washing and we didn't wear half of the clothes.Had a really fabulous flight back, very attentive crew and I could actually eat all the meals.

We took everything from the usual shorts and tee's, to cold weather gear and shell rain jackets. The weather was 82 when we landed and stayed in the high 70's just about all the time, but the day we left it was as if somebody switched the cold light on, with storms, rain and snow on the high ground and only 55. Its the change over month so can be very unpredictable David, would suggest you go earlier in September than later, the news channels kept saying summer is over on the 21st, and fall begins and they were spot on. The weather forecast for the next fortnight there is rain, wind and cold.

The fall colours like here were in abundance, and it was spectacular to see the mountain greenery with all the different hues.anything you want to know just ask. Linda
#938637 by whiterose
24 Sep 2017, 22:52
Glad you've had such a wonderful time Linda. When you've clawed your way to the other side of the laundry mountain, I think we would all love a TR with details. No pressure of course.....
#938640 by David1946
25 Sep 2017, 07:57
Hi Linda many thanks for the information we are still at the planning stage but it looks as though we should be a couple of weeks earlier in September so, hopefully, we should be ok. David
#938642 by mallin
25 Sep 2017, 10:17
If you want any info on Denver, we did north Denver last year for two weeks, and the south this year getting as far as Santa Fe, but as hubby likes to drive all the scenic routes we were on the road sometimes unto six/seven hours a day. We even went into the Four Corners, did the Canyons last year and even a side trip to Monument Valley this year. Linda
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