#742929 by willd
14 Apr 2010, 19:11
Why they ever changed to BMI I will not know, but I notice LH have provided confirmation that BMI will from now on be known as British Midland International.

I did think it was odd to see an advert last week in the press for BMI that had British Midland International written under BMI.
#742935 by Sealink
14 Apr 2010, 19:58
I remember the rebranding well.
They used that airey fairey language that the i in bmi could stand for anything. A sure sign that it hasn't been thought through. So good for LH for bringing British Midland back.

At the time there were rumours that British Midland was going to rebrand as Bluebird, itself a stronger name than bmi.

bmi still deny that the renaming will affect them however, here, and I wonder what this holds for bmi baby...
#742972 by slinky09
15 Apr 2010, 07:23
Does this mean they'll have new livery ... heck BMI hasn't managed yet to repaint the last but one liveried planes ...
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