#807560 by thelaceys
12 Apr 2012, 18:49
We are looking at surprising my daughter with a birthday present of taking part in the Beluga Whale Interaction Program at Seaworld in Florida. :D

The website doesn't appear to show how long the interaction experience is and at $199 I don't want it to be a waste of money if it's just an hour or so ;)

Does anyone know how long this program is and indeed has anyone done it y)

#807566 by Dave2009
12 Apr 2012, 20:17
Done this in Sea World in San Diego, it was great!.. lasted about an hour or less in the water, but the water was freezing cold so i'm not sure how much longer you would want to stay in there!

It was a nice 'one-off' experience but not something I would go back and go time-after-time :)

Hope this helps!
#807582 by thelaceys
12 Apr 2012, 22:10
Thanks for the quick replies, much appreciated. I'll have a look over on The Dibb too.

Certainly wouldn't want to be in the cold water too long but wasn't sure if there were any other activities in the program too.


thelaceys :D
#807597 by Trevski220
13 Apr 2012, 09:45
I've not done this actual programme but we did do the sea world marine mammal keeper course "trainer for a day" last October, which incorporates a beluga interaction, I'd say we were with them for 45 minutes, we did not go in the water and I'm near enough 100% certain now that is always the case, we spent 25 minutes or so feeding them and doing tricks with them backstage at the wild arctic area, this included getting "kisses and the like, although we didn't go in the water we did get soaked!!! ( you get wetsuits).
Then we spent about 20 minutes in the public part of wild artic still waterside doing tricks with the where others could see!!

I have some video of it all could put some on you tube it if would help?
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