#922256 by King of the Skies
01 Jun 2016, 23:21
Well the first part of the long awaited first ex-EU trip was here. It seemed too good to be true, but was it? That remains to be seen! At the time of writing, the proper ex-EU bit is still to come and I'm so excited about getting back to LHR and the Clubhouse, as well as to my first time on the Dreamliner.

Not much to report on this trip. A fairly swift trip from the office on the DLR to LCY. Lots of three letter acronyms! This was the flight out to Dublin, with an overnight stay prior to the start of the holiday. But frankly, the holiday begins as soon as you leave the office, so some of the sparkling stuff - albeit paid for - awaited at LCY.

As a bona fide gay :) :) packing for SFO meant a rather substantial wardrobe and, unfortunately, a suitcase which was a little too heavy for this economy trip. Oops. It's not my fault the clothes had to come! And more have to come home! Thankfully it was only marginally over and the lovely lady on check in let it pass. The suitcase included spare bags for the extra luggage en route home, so it may be that one or more of them are used in advance!

Unfortunately, greeted by news of a slight delay, but in true V-flyer style, the first thing that came to my head was the possibility of another glass of grape juice. In the end, some time was caught up and we boarded just 20 minutes late, with a takeoff swiftly thereafter.

The crew were friendly and smiled at me particularly during the safety demonstration. This was followed up by an extra bottle of wine given to me for my smiling when the service was done, which was very well received. Unfortunately, no snacks were loaded so it was just wine for me but it was fine as I had eaten at the airport. Landed only a short while late, quickly through passport control with a lovely lady welcoming me and then a quick shuttle bus trip to the hotel, where a pint of Guinness is now in hand! When in Dublin and all that...! :-D
#922268 by marshy11
02 Jun 2016, 07:28
Sounds like the perfect start. Enjoy the rest of the trip.
#922297 by Maximus
02 Jun 2016, 16:58
Sounded great until you mentioned Guiness :mrgreen:


Have a great trip, San Francisco is a great city and long overdue a re-visit on my part.

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