#934657 by Sealink
25 Apr 2017, 20:33
You may have noticed that I have had a lot of flights yesterday, and I am very far behind on my Trip Reports, including my return from Toronto on a BA Dreamliner.

It was a very good experience, starting with the BA Lounge at Toronto, which served some lovely food! It had a separate dining room for First Class passengers.

Before there, there was security which was incredibly slow. I was really surprised at this, and Fast Track didn’t really work. That said, I had left a lot of time for there, and before long I was in the BA Lounge, perusing the menu. 




I opted for the Chestnut and Celeric veloute soup which was lovely.


I really love celeriac, and this soup was just so homely and warming.

Followed by the Filet Mignon and White Chocolate Marquise.





It was a super meal, and so nice to have a warming meal in a freezing Toronto. I liked the lounge a lot, but I was really looking forward to sampling the more intimate Dreaminer First Class cabin - with just eight seats it looked great.

And it was great - very shiny and clean. I found the seat to be one of the most comfortable I have ever sat in.




I enjoyed the inflight entertainment! 


Now, in the interests of V-Flyer I did sample the on board meal too. 

Again, very nice, but the main course was really odd.


I can’t remember what this was, but it was very spicy. And very wet.


Dessert followed.


I slept for a bit - this was the first time that I have slept overnight on a plane. The ambience was lovely, the seat comfy and it was just overall, a lovely experience.

Breakfast time. Remind me to say no to airline sausages! 


I watched a delightful interview with Mary Berry, (I wasn’t with her, she was being interviewed) and the time to Heathrow passed quickly.

I took a pic of the First Class seat…

…and a Club World one… which I have yet to sample.

British Airways First Class was impressive. I have since flown Emirates First Class which is on a different scale, but BA acquitted themselves well. I of course never flew ‘old’ BA First Class with the amuse bouche, flower in loo etc. but time and again, it the crew that really make the flight. 

I was looking forward to my next flight, to Washington, on the A380.
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#934660 by pjh
25 Apr 2017, 21:27
Didn't even know you'd been to Canada :)

Thanks for the TR. I see you hated the sausage so much you went for previous night's dessert again (I presume BA don't entertain the word "pudding")
#934661 by Bretty
25 Apr 2017, 21:37
Thanks for the TR, reminds me I need to get mine from BA F sorted out. I too was impressed with the product, thanks for sharing.
#934664 by Sealink
25 Apr 2017, 21:53
pjh wrote:Didn't even know you'd been to Canada :)

Thanks for the TR. I see you hated the sausage so much you went for previous night's dessert again (I presume BA don't entertain the word "pudding")

Correcting this as I type!
#934680 by marshy11
26 Apr 2017, 17:55
Oh Sealink, you do know I love your TR's and this was no exception. Our first First is not until November. I've devoured your words and photos as much as you did the food, perhaps not like the sausage or the wet main :cool: , but there you are. Superb. Thanks so much for posting.

I don't know when Canada fell into the Lakes, but I guess that's a mid-edit thing.....

The food in the lounge does look amazing. Great to hear the seat served you well. Can't wait for the next instalment.
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