#935825 by Sealink
07 Jun 2017, 13:57
After a far too short time in New York it was time to head home to London.
I’d been to see Groundhog Day The Musical (it’s awesome); Hamilton (it’s awesome but man the legroom is terrible!), visited Katz’s Deli for the first time (awesome!) and visited some great clubs and bars. But the time approached when we had to say goodbye to our pals, after a great bottomless brunch in a place called Essex (Rivington Street)

My pals had picked the BA116 as it was 747 operated, and had Club World seats in the bubble, which they said was a great way to fly. This was my first time flying BA Club World.

My first impressions of JFK Terminal 7 were not great. 

Longish queues at the First check-in (it seems to be that First class passengers are excruciatingly slow at simple things like checking in, and why the kitchen sink??) but I was called over by a free agent at the Club World desk and check in was very efficient.

Then another long queue for ‘Fastrack’ security. If this was Fastrack… I’d hate to see what the normal queues were like. We waited, and waited, and waited. 

I can’t recall queuing for so long.

Then up to a very dull airport terminal with low ceilings and off to the BA Lounge. Which has lower ceilings. Despite being BA Gold I was directed to the Club Lounge.


When I saw how packed that was I returned to the desk to confirm I could use the First lounge and with a directional shrug of the shoulder, I was pointed in the right direction. This was a First lounge? I can see why it’s getting an upgrade!

This was the first time I felt disappointed in BA. It was such a lack lustre experience and in no way ‘premium’. Still, I quite enjoyed the Pre-Supper Dining - had some soup and something sweet and then made my way to the gate where priority boarding was in place. But on a plane with about 100 premium seats, and who knows how many Gold, Silver and Bronze members, it did not feel at all like priority boarding. Add to this the queue on the jet bridge and I was feeling a bit jaded by the whole experience.

Going upstairs to the bubble was a much nicer experience I must say. The cabin felt spacious, with just four abreast seating, yet intimate.


The cabin crew were very friendly, and I liked my seat, the table and the crystal clear television. Which isn’t obvious from this angle…


This shows it better


The starter was served, again this was a special meal and I don’t know what it was.
Well, fruit, and tomatoes and some kind of quinoa or couscous. It was quite tasty.


And now, I present to you, dear reader, the worst in flight meal I have ever had.
Oops, second worst. The worst was a Ryanair breakfast. And I think I posted it on another trip report, but I won’t inflict it on you again.


This was an unfortunate plate of food. No sauces, gravy, anything to add flavour to the flavourless carrots, cauliflower and broccoli. The chicken (it’s there) was very dry.

At the end of the meal I damned by special meal requirements and begged for something sweet, and that was a melting middle chocolate orange cake which was awesome.


I got a little bit of sleep but it was a bumpy flight and every time we hit turbulence I was wide awake. I don’t understand how people can sleep on ‘planes. I wish I could!

I didn’t fill in my breakfast card, and er, didn’t get breakfast. 
I have often forgotten to do this on Virgin Atlantic, and their crew always double check if they can get something for me. 

However, I knew that I would be hitting the arrivals lounge in T5 so wasn’t put out that much and I was served a nice cup of tea.

Landing was smooth, and we ended up at the C gates. A quick train journey to A, passport control was fast, luggage took about ten minutes to reach us, and before long, I was reading the papers (sadly about the dire events in London) and tucking into a BA full English.

I would definitely choose Club World again, in the bubble - I thought it was a great experience despite the food. But I'll always be checking those Virgin prices too...
#935828 by buns
07 Jun 2017, 15:38
Thanks for an "interesting" TR ;-) I am sure many folks who have forked out a dosh load of cash to fly from JFK would have been as disappointed as you with the Terminal experience.

For all of that, it looks like you had a great time in NYC, so hopefully that made up for the meal provided!!

#935835 by David
07 Jun 2017, 20:37

I thought this flight might be "awesome" :D but turned out to be "great experience despite the food"

One of these days I will try BA again and given your last 2 reports , it seems like a plan.

Great pics, thanks for both reports.

#935838 by honey lamb
07 Jun 2017, 22:38
Billy, what you post resonates with me so much. Every time I fly BA (and these times it's either the price or the fact that no-one else provides a direct flight) I just want to love it but it lets me down in so many ways, I just can't ;-(
#935839 by gumshoe
07 Jun 2017, 23:19
The BA lounges at JFK are, as you say, not great. With the exception of the Concorde Room which, IMHO is streets ahead of the one at LHR in terms of atmosphere (far quieter than LHR obviously) and service.
#935840 by DocRo
07 Jun 2017, 23:49
Thanks for the great reports. Has me looking forward to our family trip to New York and onwards in a few weeks
#935849 by hiljil
08 Jun 2017, 10:21
Thank you for your TR. I can certainly see how CW in the bubble is an improvement on the dormitory downstairs but am I right in thinking one still has to climb over feet if in most window seats ? :-O
#935852 by Sealink
08 Jun 2017, 14:28
hiljil wrote:Thank you for your TR. I can certainly see how CW in the bubble is an improvement on the dormitory downstairs but am I right in thinking one still has to climb over feet if in most window seats ? :-O

Yes, in most rows except Row 62 as far as I know...
#935873 by PaulS
09 Jun 2017, 16:15
There are five rows on the upper deck with 62 and 64 having no stepover. 64A is normally held back for golds and is the prized seat in CW with extra legroom and privacy. The upper deck with only twenty passengers is my favourite cabin in CW and has the feel of a private jet
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