#939215 by WPIL
21 Oct 2017, 11:27
Return to LAX.
I had received texts from Norwegian to let me know my LAX-LGW was delayed so was able to change my flight to a later afternoon flight for $7 with Southwest. Meant I was able to have a bit of a swim, gym and lunch at the always excellent Palazzo.

Quick trip to the airport and checkin. Was a bit worried when I got to the gate and saw the flight was already 15 mins late, especially as Norwegian had texted again to say the flight was now not going to be as late. So from 5 hours originally at LAX down to 3 hours. My plane was coming from San Diego so was able to track and indeed it was only 15 minutes behind so felt relaxed.

Seat over the window by the wing for a fairly full flight. Older 737-700 so not as clean and noisy than the 800. Quick up and down flight - straight out of Vegas to the West, over a few mountains and then descent into LAX. Some very random sharp turns in the last minute before touchdown (felt like we were lined up for one runway then changed to another at the last minute).

Crew were fine, one girl was doing her best to be funny especially during the safety demo. Sometimes that annoys me as I am a litter nervous on smaller jets.

Had a 15 minute wait for my bag at LAX and then a walk to Tom Bradley.
#940046 by NV43
04 Dec 2017, 00:38
Thanks for the TR; Southwest may be a bit of an acquired taste, but I've always enjoyed their, slightly, quirky ways.


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