#939948 by marshy11
30 Nov 2017, 12:40
The day we arrived Boston experienced the coldest November since records began, however with that came sunshine and very crisp (-6c) days. It didn’t warm up until the day we left!

That didn’t stop us and we walked between 6 and 8 miles every single day, the city is just perfect to explore on foot.

The Godfrey is in an ideal location and it’s boutique-style and very comfy rooms suited us well. It was our wedding anniversary and I had emailed direct asking for a quiet room if possible. On arrival they’d upgraded our room which was a lovely touch. Half an hour after arrival we had champagne and chocolates delivered along with $40 in vouchers for the coffee shop attached to the lobby. I was overwhelmed as we’d already had an excellent rate match through the reservation staff. Top marks to the Godfrey, I can’t recommend it enough.

Time to head home. An early morning uber took us to the airport where we arrived just as the lounge doors were unlocked. Wow, what a lounge and the most stunning way to see Boston wake up.



We boarded from the lounge and again as we got to the doors we were told to find our own way to our seats.

Within moments we were welcomed by a couple of passing staff members and water was served. It was an incredibly light load - only 88 pax in total. 1 seat left in the 14 seat F cabin (747) and 8 people in club downstairs with another 6 upstairs (I learned this later from a FA).

I thought I would be disappointed in the cabin on the 747 versus the outgoing 787 but actually it still felt fresh and the seat was comfy (not as comfy as the 787) but still better than any VS seat I’ve parked my bottom on.


The flight went very quickly but then it is shorter on the way back. The crew on this flight were superb. They couldn’t do enough for us and worked their socks off despite the light load. The Camel Valley sparkling wine ran out almost immediately as only 1 bottle had been loaded, the crew this time ensured we didn’t go short on anything else.

Food was tasty. I opted for the mushroom velute then the chicken. Both scrummy.



I managed to watch Baby Driver and then went for a wander around the empty plane. I stopped back by the galley and chatted with the crew in there. Back to my seat to find another glass of champagne and a bowl of tapas nibbles had been left for me. I can’t recall what they all were but the beef and pineapple kebab was an odd if not enjoyable combo.


Plate cleared, another top up and around came the chocolates. Hoorah.

Overall a great flight in terms of service, comfort, food and flying time. We landed about half an hour early, straight off the plane and through the automatic gates; out of the airport in less than 20 minutes.

Well done to the excellent crew on the BA238 15/11, you were fabulous, I hope the feedback via email reaches you.
#939952 by hiljil
30 Nov 2017, 17:30
Thank you for another interesting TR.
I’m pleased you had such an enjoyable time in Boston, but more than that, I’m really happy that you had a First Class experience in First Class. :-D
Thank you for the photos too.
#939982 by marshy11
01 Dec 2017, 13:25
Sealink wrote:I'm staying at the Godfrey just now and love it. Which hotel did they price match with?

Ooh lucky you!

They matched with a UK website (with a discount voucher). I emailed reservations purely on the off-chance they may lower the rate on their site but when they matched it I booked straight away. Most of the normal UK sites were on a par with the hotel's rate, so to get such a good match I was delighted. It saved over $100 a night.

To offset the saving we managed to spend a small fortune at Q. Oh my goodness what delicious food!
#939993 by PaulS
01 Dec 2017, 17:39
Got to agree the mushroom volute is delicious. There is still something special about the nose of a 747 and I find BA's first seat extremely comfortable. I think the escorting to the seat is becoming a thing of the past as you said in your outbound TR. I normally have 1A and the crew usually share a joke about knowing myself knowing where the seat is. On the other hand if they realise that its your first first they can be very proactive and make the occasion very special. I also emailed in regarding the superb crew I had on last weeks flight to JFK
#940000 by ultreen1
02 Dec 2017, 07:26
Another fab TR. glad you enjoyed First.
It’s good to know you liked the 747 suites because I’ve been put off booking first if it’s on a 747 (silly I know) as I really like the A380.
I’m in galleries T5 B right now waiting for my flight to Munich!
#940001 by marshy11
02 Dec 2017, 07:30
We'll be in T5 in a few weeks off to Rome so don't drink/eat everything please! Have a good flight and enjoy Munich and the Christmas market.
#940031 by ColOrd
02 Dec 2017, 23:10
Wow 88 Pax and 27 of them in Premium cabins! I bet those down the back were absolutely loving the extra space they must have had!
#940056 by pjh
04 Dec 2017, 14:50
That looks like more of a First experience, albeit a short one. Did you enjoy "Baby Driver"? I did. :)

Boston has the honour of being the place where I have been the coldest in my entire life, over New Year a year or two back. The youth of the town clearly have Geordie genes somewhere in their make up, for when MrsPJH and I were wrapped up to the nth degree (including my claiming one of MrsPJH's thermal vests bought for her trip to Kazahkstan) the youth were out in T-shirts and skimpys.
#940077 by ultreen1
06 Dec 2017, 00:34
marshy11 wrote:We'll be in T5 in a few weeks off to Rome so don't drink/eat everything please! Have a good flight and enjoy Munich and the Christmas market.

I left you some bits and bobs in the lounge... however I did have 8 mini champagnes on my flight home! (Simon had one; I had 4. The other 3 were stored in my bag on recommendation from the fantastic BA CC!) :blush:
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