#877100 by Dave Adkins
02 Jul 2014, 14:57
Just like to warn everybody about our experience with Budget at O'hare. We don't for various reasons use credit cards. We do however have debit cards I checked 4 times both with Rentalcars.com in England And Budget in Chicago that a debit card was OK to use for the security deposit on a car. When we arrived and they swiped my card it was declined because they said it was a 'top-up' card and not linked with a checking account, strange as it was issued by my bank! Then when I said Ok try the wifes they said they couldn't because it wasn't her name on the rental! I spent a total of 2hrs on my mobile ringing Rentalcars.com in England trying to sort the [email protected]#k up out to no avail. I eventually cancelled the reservation with Rentalcars.com at a cost of £62! And logged on to budgets site and reserved a car in the wifes name which we got with no problem! And only £15 more .We finally got to our hotel 225miles down the road after being awake for 23hrs. Moral you cannot check too much but even when you do they can still '[email protected]#$ you up' Despite the 'new' car being ok and Budget being reasonably priced I will never use them again.
#878457 by jjbrien
19 Jul 2014, 16:20
We used budget in O'Hare with our visa debit card they authorized our card once when we got the card then when we returned instead of collecting on the original authorization they took another payment. Our bank would not help when we got home it took 3 weeks for it to dissapear off our account.

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