#898625 by hiljil
16 Mar 2015, 08:26
Good Morning.
I am looking to change my faithful original iPad mini and thought the iPad mini 3 must be the latest/ best to go for. Just by chance I saw the specs of the iPad mini 2 and they seem, to my limited knowledge, identical except for the touch sensor. No better camera or screen or processor. So the difference in price merely reflects that ? Or am I missing something ?! Something that I would later regret if I bought the mini 2 ?

Please can someone with more tech know how help me if I have missed the obvious :0

Thank You
#898626 by DragonLady
16 Mar 2015, 08:33
Can't help with the tec spec but don't forget that Apple will let you trade in an iPad - the cash amount they give against a new ipad is dependent on the model, condition etc so you need to take it in to an Apple Store if you're interested in doing this :) .

#898627 by David
16 Mar 2015, 08:35
Hi Hiljil

Just starting to think about a new iPad myself to replace my 3 but haven't really looked at them yet.

Just wanted to say that at the moment Tesco.com have double points on them, so bought through shops away, on an elegable card with the double Tesco points, should net you a fare amount of Virgin miles :D

#898630 by joeyc
16 Mar 2015, 08:53
You haven't missed the obvious :P.. From the spec difference you are right hiljil, the only difference between the mini 2 and 3 is the Touch ID and the fact that the 3 comes in a shiny gold colour too.

There are rumours already spinning of an iPad mini 4 on the horizon (being guessed at a Sept or Oct release) with a higher spec difference to its predecessors.

Have you had a look at the iPad Air 2?
#898631 by hiljil
16 Mar 2015, 09:04
Thank you all for your prompt replies and handy tips. Didn't know about either the trade in or Tesco !! So that's good news
Oh dear - hearing of a new version on the horizon ... Can I wait that long now I've got excited about a new iPad mini!!
I like the mini version as I find it comfortable to hold - although I would like the larger screen of the iPad Air - but the ease of handling is important.
Thank you all again. :)
#898632 by Eggtastico
16 Mar 2015, 09:41
Im sure your current ipad mini will last until October.
IMO it is worth waiting because there is no difference between version 2 & 3.

When the new ipad mini is announced (usually October) & released (last week Oct/1st week Nov is the norm), then the ipad mini 2 will be 2 year old...

Just think, your current ipad mini was released less than 2 1/2 years ago.
Does upgrading now make sense?

Also, by waiting for release, you can get into the cycle of replacing it every 2 years, without buying old technology.. IE ipad mini 4 this year, ipad mini 6 in 2 years.
That way, you get to maximise the use in whatever lifecycle you choose.

There will also be the price cuts in the mini2/3 when the 4 is released.
#898637 by hiljil
16 Mar 2015, 10:21
Thank you Eggtastico. Your reasoning does make good sense . I should go along with it except I have the original mini iPad and when I've tried a friend's ipad mini 2 it seems faster and more responsive so I thought I should upgrade. Never ever thought I would become like this !!!!!
#898683 by Hev60
16 Mar 2015, 20:14
Hiljil - last year I bought myself an iPad Air to replace my original ipad. The first thing I noticed was how light (weight wise) the Air was. Speed is brilliant. I hardly ever use my old laptop now, unless I need to print.

I absolutely love my Apple products which amazes my grandchildren!!! If I was you I'd pop into an Apple Store or the like and get the feel of the iPad mini vs the iPad Air :)
#898684 by marshy11
16 Mar 2015, 20:20
Hiljil, do a bit of housekeeping. clear cookies, cache and remove old apps. Perhaps even a reset.

Then hang on til the new ones.
#898685 by hiljil
16 Mar 2015, 20:33
Oh dear - every comment I read makes me change my mind as to what to do ! But thank you all for being so helpful and thought provoking .
#898686 by marshy11
16 Mar 2015, 20:46
hiljil wrote:Oh dear - every comment I read makes me change my mind as to what to do ! But thank you all for being so helpful and thought provoking .

And there speaks volumes; an old Chinese proverb......'If in doubt, don't'.
#898698 by honey lamb
17 Mar 2015, 00:57
On my recent pilgrimage to San Francisco (Aer John's phrase, not mine), I chanced to wander into the Apple Store by accident :w Yes, truly! Especially as there were roadworks at that junction which provided several detours - I think I took the wrong one - honestly! :w

Anyhow, I had been contemplating changing my MacBook for a MacBook Air but finding it difficult to justify this as, to be honest there was absolutely nothing wrong with my MacBook other than it was seven years old! However as I was wandering round, the iPad Air 2 caught my attention and with it the legend about a trade in for an iPad2. Later that day I headed back with my iPad2 (which was annoying me as it continually wanted me to buy extra storage space). The guy I was dealing with told me that someone had traded in an iPad2 with cellular connectivity earlier that day for a specified amount, so I prepared myself for a lesser price but in fact it was exactly the same even though my connectivity was wi-fi. Deal done. After doing some badly needed tweaking with my old iPad, everything was restored to the iPad Air 2 and honey lamb is one happy bunny (if ever a lamb can be a rabbit!!) ?|
#898781 by Eggtastico
17 Mar 2015, 18:45
I remember being in Vegas & we ventured into wallmart
Ipad Minis was on sale for the equivelent of £140
A told my other half to buy one, but she wouldnt. She regreted it ever since... well, until the following November when I upgraded from my ipad2
#902919 by ScoobySu
10 May 2015, 13:33
Just a quick update for anybody looking to get an Air (whether 1 or 2) - Tesco currently have an offer of an extra 1,000 points, which means my Air 2 ordered on Tuesday night and delivered Saturday has netted me 4,925 miles - before any Auto Tipper bonus ):
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