#926731 by dickydotcom
29 Sep 2016, 09:14
Chris Evans show this morning his guest was a food expert and said airplane food taste is affected by the noise of the aircraft. Apparently the noise affects your ears which in turn affects your taste.
Advice is to wear noise cancelling headphones while eating.
I'll give a try next time.

Dick D
#926735 by SlimpyJones
29 Sep 2016, 11:09
I suppose in a sense they are all connected, sinuses etc etc.

For a food expert I imagine he would detect subtle differences but for the average Joe I would be surprised!!
#926745 by honey lamb
29 Sep 2016, 15:06
Reminds me of the Heston Blumenthal programme on BBC some years ago when he cooked a meal and passengers had to do a nasal wash before they could eat it.

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