#939462 by Kraken
07 Nov 2017, 19:48
Not uniquely about travel tech, but this seemed the most appropriate forum to post this in.... (I take the Macbook with me when I travel if that counts!)

Just upgraded to macOS High Sierra and after the install had run itself in, I had the "circle with the diagonal line through it" icon over Outlook on the dock. Seems existing versions of Outlook are incompatible with High Sierra. There is, of course a free update to download from Microsoft & that is where the problem lies.

It's clearly a large update that refreshes all the Office applications. Now either Microsoft have not got the upload capacity from their update servers (unlikely, but possible) or there is network congestion somewhere between me & the Microsoft servers (more likely). The Office updates are downloading *very* slowly (has been close on an hour now and overall progress is about 50%).

It's not my internet connection either - Ookla speedtest is reporting 215MB/sec download speed with the Mac plugged into the router via ethernet. All other sites are OK and fast - just the Microsoft updates that are downloading at a snails pace.

You have been warned!
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#939464 by Kraken
07 Nov 2017, 22:17
Just an update to the above... I got bored of waiting for the download (& there were emails in Outlook I needed to access) so I cancelled the Office Update. (The MS Update program had been trying to do all the application updates at once).

I manually selected just the Outlook update and it downloaded in under a minute & completed the install in a further minute. Job done - could access the emails I needed. Repeated the process just updating one Office application at a time and the whole lot was done in under 15mins.

Very strange why the download went so slow when trying to download all the updates together, but steamed through when doing just one application at a time. Same Macbook, same internet connection & no time difference as such - I cancelled the en-masse update & then went straight to do just Outlook, followed by the other apps one at a time about 10mins later.
#939469 by slinky09
08 Nov 2017, 06:57
Interesting ... I'm in the Mac beta programme and have an Office 365 subscription, no problems at all with the new OS or Office updates ...

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