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#838922 by AJWR
25 Feb 2013, 23:08
Heya gang!

Now, I am fully expecting this to be a bit TOO technical for the forum, but I am currently keeping an eye on the progress of VS400M from LHR to DXB. I have noticed how it has just reached it's cruising altitude of 39000ft. 39000ft! Really? Staight from T/O to 39000ft on a 7hr flight? Really? How is the even possible. I have never seen mch about 36000 with a 346, do the 333's have a different climb and cruise profile which enable this higher initial cruise altitude?
I am also assuming that the likelihood of a step climb proceedure being adopted during the flight is rendered pretty slim with this high initial alt assignment?

If anyone can shed any light on it, I'd love it :)

#839002 by some guy
26 Feb 2013, 21:30
Compared to a 346-600, the A330-300 has very efficient wings and can climb right upto space, especially if it's empty or light weight. Bare in mind, LHR-DXB is only a 6 hour flight with tail winds so it won't have much fuel.

Winds and temps also affect climb perf but initial climb to FL390 isn't uncommon. Empty, they can shoot right upto FL410 (41000ft).

It may be possible that it could climb higher as a step climb but that depends on what the flight management system and the flight plan reckon.

The reason why it's an odd flight level is that, typically, ATC operate in an odd/even flight level system. Flights heading east (0degrees to 179degrees) cruise at odd levels and flights heading west (180degrees to 359 degrees) cruise at even levels. There are some exemptions and some countries operate a north/south system instead.
#839095 by joeyc
27 Feb 2013, 20:46
Wow all beyond me.. however feel free to ask me how much alcohol is stocked and where it is hidden in the on board bar :P

Def interesting reading though 8D
#839098 by benchsmith
27 Feb 2013, 21:04
I thought this was a bit strange when I traveled on the A333 last year to and from Orlando to LGW we were at 39,000 most of the way there and on the return at one point hit 41,000 which I though was odd as most of the time when I have been on a 747 normally around 32,000.

Didn't feel much difference though so was all good, but the techy bit is beyond me sorry.

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