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#934355 by 8lakey
12 Apr 2017, 21:53
17 days to go until our trip to mexico....soooo excited! flying premium economy for the 1st time ever (i still want to get on a plane and turn left lol ) is it comfy spacious enough and what are the differences between it and cattle class?....
start your count down to summer sun 17 days to go .......
#934361 by tontybear
13 Apr 2017, 01:33
well as described on the VS website you are grtting a bigger seat, better meal and bigger baggage allowance and priority boarding.
#934369 by Tallguy
13 Apr 2017, 08:56
Virgin PE isn't what it could be legroom wise. The seat is fantastic comfort wise, but there isn't much legroom on the 747 in PE. I strongly suggest you ask for the front row of PE (Row 14 I think) at check in and try to get one of the pairs of seats at either side of the aircraft where you will have acres of room.

If you are in the back row of PE then you are by the toilets from memory.....

But the service from the cabin crew will be fantastic wherever you sit. If the FSM is Mark please say hello to him from me, he knows how to run an aircraft cabin.
#934370 by deep_south
13 Apr 2017, 09:31
I think the legroom in PE is fine - they are all 38" regardless of which plane it is; the same as BA's WTP. (What a strange coincidence, that.)

The main differences with economy is the extra space, and then some other benefits - it is around half way between business and economy. The smaller cabin usually gives a quieter ambience and better service, so I am confident you will have a pleasant flight.
#934391 by shaneg17
13 Apr 2017, 20:52
11 of us are flying PE to MCO on the 10th May. We originally booked into Economy as we loved it last time we went to Florida with VS. PE Upgrade came our way for just shy of £3k all in so we took it.

I'm hoping it'll be worth it, I'm sure it will
#934401 by dickydotcom
14 Apr 2017, 09:34
Tallguy wrote:
If you are in the back row of PE then you are by the toilets from memory.....


There is only one toilet and that is behind rows HK so if you choose 19 A&C (my choice on previous flight)
you are far enough away not to be bothered by the toilet.
You also have the bulkhead behind you so no one tapping the IFE on your seat back.
I am assured they have the same recline.
19C can be first off the plane, and with the Orlando immigration that can be a big bonus.
Dick D
#934404 by Lucille
14 Apr 2017, 12:12
Legroom is far better and seats a whole lot better than economy, you'll probably notice the difference and not want to fly long-haul economy again, I didn't anyway. A nice glass of Prosecco will be waiting for you when you board as well, with top-ups should you wish.

You didn't say where you'd got your seats. For me the upstairs PE (bubble) cabin is the better option with its 2 - 2 layout, the only downside being the toilets for the whole bubble are at the front of the PE cabin, so you do get a good few people walking through.

Book a lounge and the holiday truly starts at the airport. Have a good one and enjoy the experience.
#934406 by shaneg17
14 Apr 2017, 13:21
Outbound we are upstairs in the bubble, inbound we are downstairs Row 16 and 17.

We've got ourselves into a lounge as well. Not the VS ones but nevertheless better than hanging about in the main terminal area. The kids will have us up nice and early and wanting to be at the airport way before the 1pm take-off time for VS15 so the lounge will be handy
#934426 by Auto Pilot
15 Apr 2017, 11:32
:-) congratulations, you will love it totally different flight, you will feel refreshed when you get there, you will not want to go in the back of the plane again, we are off in a while too, love the locker at the side of you, some good video footage on youtube not cheap now but you cant take it with you, enjoy.
#934481 by amicipat
16 Apr 2017, 19:38
Always prefer MCO in PE, it used to be wonderful in 'the bubble' but not so much now that the back half of the bubble is economy, and as has been said, toilets in front of PE so all the traffic troops through PE I am not a snob, travelled economy many times, but the bubble was great for leaving the aircraft swiftly, but no longer as economy get to the stairs before PE.

But, downstairs, can be even worse with the 4 seats across the middle which in my opinion should be cheaper than normal PE prices.

Having said all that, due to late booking last year, no affordable seats in PE they miratulously doubled in price during the 'website update weekend! so we used economy - nearly empty economy sections, so the four seats across the middle in economy become very economical when used as a full size bed.!, and being able to eat with the tray on the next seat drop down, very comfortable.!
#934545 by Tallguy
20 Apr 2017, 16:09
deep_south wrote:I think the legroom in PE is fine - they are all 38" regardless of which plane it is; the same as BA's WTP. (What a strange coincidence, that.).

It may be a 38" 'seat pitch' but the design of the Virgin seat, including the 'hinge point' for the reclining back are totally different to BA's and the end result is you get less legroom than BA. I'm 6ft 6ins tall and could write pages about the various PE cabins 'cos that's the class I fly long haul whenever possible.

When I flew VS to Havana at Christmas, the person in front of me reclined their seat and their seat was full down onto my knees and legs. That doesn't happen in BA or EVA Air PE cabins.

On the way home I made sure I was in the front row where there is an acre of legroom. And I sat next to the British Ambassador to Cuba (Anthony Stokes) on the way home :D :D :D
#934569 by NYC123
21 Apr 2017, 17:03
As someone who is 6' 7 legroom is a pretty big deal, flew back in premium from CUN in PE and despite the guy in front having his seat fully reclined for pretty much the whole journey >-( i found it manageable due to the seat width and being able to sit at an angle and use up some of my sons space.

It was certainly a more comfortable than the trip back from MCO in EC the previous year when i had an exit seat.
#934571 by DocRo
21 Apr 2017, 19:13
I'm only 6'2 and a bit but found PE really tight even before the guy in front reclined.
I think there is something dodgy with the middle section of the second row in the 330s
I had to swap with one our party across the aisle
All things considered, if I wasn't flying UC I would go for the extra legroom seats in economy and use the cash for something else
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