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#934570 by moodyblue
21 Apr 2017, 17:21
It's years since we have travelled on Virgin with children. We will be travelling to Orlando with grandchildren and wondered if Virgin still give out the backpacks filled with goodies to young children on boarding or if they no longer do so amid the economies they are introducing?
#934588 by mitchja
22 Apr 2017, 15:40
According to this page on the VS website, they are still issued:

Keep the kids happy
They will be thrilled with a backpack full of goodies and dedicated TV and food.
#934589 by Kraken
22 Apr 2017, 21:52
Never seen the contents of one of the K-ID packs (is that whey they still call them)?

Know a few people who have & they have said it's nothing to write home about. Let's face it, the VS amenity packs are not exactly stellar even in Upper Class (when compared to some other airlines offerings. If travelling with children, take your own tablet devices (fully charged) loaded with content / games to occupy them.
#934590 by Nexstar
22 Apr 2017, 22:53
Just back from two weeks in Dubai. Premium Economy both ways, 2 kids - nothing on either leg. Also, only given an adult amenity kit on the outbound leg..

#934594 by moodyblue
24 Apr 2017, 13:00
Thanks for the replies. It looks like pot luck. Guess we'll find out when we travel. Again thanks for the replies!
#934595 by Fuzzy14
24 Apr 2017, 13:29
I've travelled on the Orlando route quite a few times with my kids, the packs can be a bit hit and miss.

From Glasgow they either get handed out onboard, or at the gate during boarding. That's if they're loaded at all as they frequently forget to put them onboard or run out.

At Manchester they typically hand them out around the gate area before boarding .

The packs themselves used to be quite decent but with cutbacks etc not so good these days. They used to include a baseball hat and the bag itself was decent quality, you used to see loads of people walking about Disney World with them so it was a nice bit of advertising. Now all you get is a cheap draw string bag, a colouring in book and some crayons. Nothing worth writing home about.
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