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#935368 by BusheyStone
19 May 2017, 17:54
Flying from Heathrow to LA in June on a Delta flight operated by Virgin, on route to Hawaii. 8 weeks ago Delta amended our schedule to show our Premium Economy flight (from Heathrow) was now "First" with a class "A". Called Virgin and Delta and was advised this was an error which would be rectified.

Tickets do now say Premium Economy but Class A, whereas the flight from LA to Hawaii is Premium Economy Class "W". Any idea what the Class "A" means? Option to upgrade to UC?
#935370 by SlimpyJones
19 May 2017, 18:48
Welcome to the forum :)

Delta's fare codes were shuffled about a short while ago to allow them to begin selling seats in their own premium economy cabin.

DL's fare codes don't directly correlate to Virgin's, class "A" with Delta is international premium economy, and it will mean something specific to them (in terms of fare codes). "W" is what they use for comfort+ (a sort of economy plus) on their domestic flights.

As far as upgrading to UC, you'll need to ask Delta as they are the ones that issued your ticket. :)
#935380 by Lucydog
20 May 2017, 11:44
I had to call delta yesterday to get my seat number on my flight from las to jfk as part of my package through VH and that's all PE I also asked the difference to there comfort plus and she said that's our PE product and our 1st is business class. If there are to many for comfort plus we will be upgraded at VH request. I will let you know what happens after 14th June night flight. Showing as MD 90 but told it is now 320 type. :D

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