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#939019 by Seyre1972
11 Oct 2017, 18:37
Hi all,

Sorry for the cryptic subject line - ran out of characters.

So - being checking the seat map for the last week or so for our UC VS127 flights on the 20/10 (still showing as 1-1-1 Config). And had 4A/5A/6A assigned. out and back - all good (+ plenty of empty seats showing)

Had these seats for approx 3 months.

Login this afternoon - and now 1-2 spare seats, outbound i’ve been kicked from 4A to 6G. Return leg all 3 seats have been swapped for 10A/10G/10K respectively (still 1-1-1- config)

Spoke with somebody whom said ground staff had locked/made all the changes and they can’t make any changes themselves/speak when I check-in .....

As you can imagine not best pleased .

So any in-sight/ideas as to what is underlying reason/why this has been done (person I spoke with said no reason Given) ?

I know config may well changed to 1-2-1 for this flight, but surely they can communicate this ?

Or am I looking at cancelled flight ? Bit concerned as this is birthday treat for my wife

Appreciate any/all views/likely outcomes.


#939065 by Seyre1972
13 Oct 2017, 07:56
Thank you SIlver Fox - glad it's not just me whom is cynical/conspiracy theorist .....

Gumshoe (as per my original post) I have been checking more or less daily (waiting on config to change from 1-1-1 to 1-2-1 as often happens on this flight)

As stated had the seats for approx. 3 months with plenty of seats spare /seat plan not changed/random seat allocation all of a sudden + seat plan locked. Was looking for others if they had experienced same/what was the outcome.
#939150 by Seyre1972
17 Oct 2017, 11:06
As expected - plane has been changed to a 1-2-1 config - now sat back together but near the bar (perhaps not a bad thing as my wife's birthday treat) .....

Maybe something to note for others where seat plan gets locked - that this could indicative of a plane change !!
#939206 by Barnaby100
20 Oct 2017, 18:42
Same has just happened to me. Been booked on 4pmish to New York for best part of a year- with 10A and 11A booked. Changed overnight to 16A and 17A. So next to the bar and loo. I wouldn't have booked the flight if they were the only seats- I have a lot of work to do. Last time I was near the bar (but not that near) it was people swearing for hours on end.

They say it is 'operational reasons' and we have to lump it.
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