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#939474 by tontybear
08 Nov 2017, 12:11
From the VS website

Virgin Atlantic and MBNA are currently not acquiring new customers to these products. However, if you are an existing credit card customer, you can continue to enjoy the great benefits that come with having a Virgin Atlantic card.
#939478 by spacedog
08 Nov 2017, 13:34
I will be very curious to see what the Virgin Money offerings will look like. I just renewed my VS black card in September as it is definitely worth the £140 fee for me, but now my main concern is that I earn the various benefits from threshold spends. We had an expensive couple of months so I think I have already earned the first PE upgrade voucher and possibly the companion flight, too. I hope they honour them.
#939480 by NYC123
08 Nov 2017, 15:18
Typical, put off getting black card yesterday lunch as something came up and thought "i'll do it tonight" , Gold Card season ticket needs renewing at the end of the month....
#939486 by buns
09 Nov 2017, 06:04
mitchja wrote:Be prepared for a step back in time though with Virgin ApplePay, no Android Pay and not even an app!!!

I suppose the big issue will be points earning and associated perks

#939487 by dickydotcom
09 Nov 2017, 09:26
mitchja wrote:Be prepared for a step back in time though with Virgin ApplePay, no Android Pay and not even an app!!!

Or for some of us to remain in our current time zone where a phone is something we use to talk to people.
Often people in India to sort out why I cant talk to just down the road.
Dick D
#939495 by NYC123
09 Nov 2017, 13:54
Any ideas when they will announce what is on offer? I'd have thought the minute they pulled the amex they'd have released details of the new enhanced product.
#939527 by LREDI
11 Nov 2017, 13:34
getinjonathan wrote:Is it not feasible they'll follow Delta and join forces with Amex direct?

Unlikely, VS have signed an agreement that Virgin Money will be their Financial Services provider. I would expect to see a new MasterCard for VS that may possibly offer TPs depending on yearly spend... Definitely what I think they were hinting at when the FC offer was revised earlier in the year.
#939579 by catsilversword
14 Nov 2017, 17:23
I had to call card services yesterday, our cards expire in January and, generally I’d have expected replacements to have been with us by now. Thought I’d better check they hadn’t been sent out and gone astray (they haven’t, phew) - In the light of it being withdrawn, I was half expecting to be told they weren’t going to be replaced, or to be redirected to whatever Virgin Mony will use. But not the case, they said my new ones have ‘been created’ and are on their way. We’ll see then.

Like everyone here, I wonder what will happen when new cards are rolled out. I have to admit I’ve become a little lost with Virgin miles and reward amounts over the last several months...
#939652 by NYC123
17 Nov 2017, 23:35
Slightly OT but.....

Cancelled wifes AMEX in October so the 6 months is up in April when i'll refer her. Question is i had an email saying i'd get 3000 for adding an additional card holder, now if i was to add my wife for a short period to get the 3k would this affect the 6 months between cards?
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