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#940761 by trusse03
13 Jan 2018, 17:11
So having booked our honeymoon, I'm looking at the best way of using our miles.

I currently have 134000 which I could get up to 140000 before our full payment is needed.

Now I know we can use 10000 for £50 pounds off, which is quite a lot of money off when it's all added up.

However just wondered if it would be better to try and get a flight upgrade from PE to Upper. I know some of you can look at loads - so we're on VS19 from Heathrow on 22nd April and returning from Las Vegas to Manchester on VS86 on 3rd May.

On another note there's no window seats on the return flight able to book in PE. Is this likely to change? All we're seeing is the centre seats - if it stays like this which are the best seats in the centre?
#940764 by Bretty
13 Jan 2018, 18:27
Personally I’d be looking to upgrade to UC and searching for availability, but it really depends on what you value most.
Currently there are no G’s (the UC fare class for reward flights) available on 22nd April. Flexibility is key. There are plenty of G’s available at other times, for instance VS41 on 23rd April has at least 2 available right now. It should be 67,500 I think to upgrade 2 pax one way, plus additional taxes etc.

Currently no reward seats in UC LAS-MAN during May. There is availability 1st May LAS-SEA-LHR which isn’t ideal but just an example. Flight connects to SEA with Delta and then VS flight to London.

Like I said flexibility is key if you want reward seats, otherwise cash in for the £50 vouchers, which I personally don’t see as good value but YMMV.
#940767 by pjh
13 Jan 2018, 19:52
I'm with Bretty thinking that if you plan to fly with VS more than just this once, miles are best used for upgrades.

Also, I think you don't need a load check to see what's available (which can change on a daily basis). Use the VS site and do a dummy booking, selecting the "Pay With Miles" option (you will then be asked to login to your Flying Club Account) and then selecting Upper Class under "Cabin". cabin That will give you the "full" Reward Seats that are available, which share their allocation with the upgrades. So if you see any "full" reward seats available get on the phone to VS and ask about using your miles to upgrade.
#940773 by Kraken
13 Jan 2018, 21:56
If the OP thinks their travel plans may require one-way tickets in the future then this is a very cost-efficient way to use miles, as one-way cash fares are always priced in the most expensive fully flexible fare bucket.

As an example, one way fares for LHR-JFK in mid-May are currently showing as £1529 in Economy, £1817 in Premium Economy & an eye-watering £5903 in Upper Class. To use miles it would be 10k miles + £198 taxes for economy, 17.5k miles + £328 for Premium Economy & 47.5k miles + £371 for Upper Class. Some very significant financial savings there by using miles for one-way tickets.

I re-ran the above search for a return journey in Mid-May (with a Saturday night stay in NYC) and the cash fares came out at £398 / £909 / £1741. Switch to pay by miles and it's 20k + £266 / 35k + £447 / 95k + £533.
#940792 by trusse03
14 Jan 2018, 16:48
Thanks for all your replies.

The flights we are on have already been booked, so basically looks like the best option is to just try and find an upgrade if one suddenly becomes available, otherwise save the miles for a future Virgin Atlantic trip?
#940796 by Bretty
14 Jan 2018, 18:26
trusse03 wrote:Thanks for all your replies.

The flights we are on have already been booked, so basically looks like the best option is to just try and find an upgrade if one suddenly becomes available, otherwise save the miles for a future Virgin Atlantic trip?

That sounds like a plan to me. If you’re going to check for upgrades, then I suggest checking daily (I know some forum members who would check 3 x day!) as they’re sought after routes for reward seats. If you see something crop up get onto FC straight away because they’ll be gone if you procrastinate. Also take into account the Vegas routes (both MAN & LGW) I believe are still using the 747s which means only 14 UC seats in each cabin.
#940801 by stuart_f
15 Jan 2018, 00:30
Current loads:

VS 43 0
04/22/18 10:15 AM
04/22/18 1:00 PM 744
49% / 37m J9 C9 D8 I8 Z7 W9 S9 H9 K9 Y9 B9 R9 L9 U9 M9 E9 Q9 X9 N9 O9

VS 44 0
05/03/18 3:30 PM
05/04/18 9:25 AM 744
68% / 32m J6 C6 D4 I3 Z2 W9 S9 H9 K9 Y9 B9 R9 L9 U9 M9 E9 Q9 X9 N9 O0

I'd keep checking for UC reward seats, especially on the outbound where you'd get to use the Clubhouse.
#940814 by trusse03
15 Jan 2018, 17:13
Thanks for those load factors, however we're booked on VS19 from LHR to SFO on 22nd April, and VS86 from Las Vegas to Manchester on 3rd May.
#940826 by NV43
15 Jan 2018, 20:12
Here's the most recent ExpertFlyer data:

VS 19
LHR 22/04/18 11:15
SFO 22/04/18 14:15
On time reliability 61%
Average delay over previous 2 months: 31mins
J9 C9 D9 I9 Z0 W9 S9 H4 K0 Y9 B9 R9 L9 U9 M9 E9 Q9 X9 N9 O9

VS 86
LAS 03/05/18 16:35
MAN 04/05/18 10:10
On time reliability N/A
Average delay over previous 2 months: N/A
J4 C3 D1 I0 Z0 W9 S9 H9 K0 Y9 B9 R9 L9 U9 M9 E9 Q9 X9 N0 O0

It's a little far out, at the moment, but I do like unsold UC seats and bulging Y and PE cabins in the last two or three days before a departure.

Have a great Honeymoon!
#940923 by trusse03
Yesterday, 12:36
Now I may be being thick here, but is there a way for me to see which fare code virgin holidays have booked us in? I've tried looking on both websites, and can't see anything obvious.

I'm just aware its not possible to upgrade certain fare codes, so wanting to see if we are in an upgradable fare class.
#940924 by DoomWolf
Yesterday, 12:46
The only place I've seen the fare code since the VS systems and website changes is on the VS e-ticket. Not sure when it's booked through Virgin Holidays though.
#940925 by mitchja
Yesterday, 13:01
Unfortunately V Hols don’t list the actual fare code anywhere other than on your e-ticket which you will receive about 2 weeks before departure.

If you ring them though they should be able to tell you what it is before that.

Generally, most V Hols booked VS fares are upgradable using Flying Club miles now though.
#940927 by CommanderB
Yesterday, 13:39
You can see the code on the VS app (if the booking is ticketed).

As VH is a travel agent, you won't get the option of 'View Receipt' in Manage Booking on the VS website which is where the fare bucket also appears.

You can also call FC, give them the confirmation and they can see what the fare bucket is. If you are in PE it will be either W S H or K. K is not upgradeable, H S and W are upgradeable, subject to any difference in taxes.
#940928 by chrisfinch_2000
Yesterday, 13:42
You can see V-Hols fare codes using the Virgin Atlantic app!

Under the my flights tab (within my account), enter the 6 character Virgin Atlantic flight locator, then within the booking - click on the outbound or return leg, scroll down to the passenger names and under each name should be cabin class and fare code in brackets!

Hope this helps!
#940930 by trusse03
Yesterday, 13:45
So we're booked on a K fare code. Looks like this isn't an upgradable fare from what I can see on this website? Am I correct in my thinking?
#940931 by mitchja
Yesterday, 13:54
Sadly yes, K’s are the only Premium Economy fares you now can’t upgrade using miles.
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