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#924515 by HokeyPokey
03 Aug 2016, 09:47
Not yet advertised on Tesco's Clubcard Boost pages (tho Avios's comp is) but as stated on Virgin's Tesco partner page:

Extra 20% bonus miles when you convert your Tesco Clubcard points into Flying Club miles between 1 August and 16 September 2016.

(Reports from other places that some have been emailed the offer and/or have already received 20% from autoconverting vouchers so it seems to work)

Plus 1,000 mile boost to your account when you choose to Auto Convert - "for first time only"

"Lost" a few thousand miles by converting at 15% last time with the last spoils from Topcashback but I'm working on the basis that each bonus might well be the last one... 8-)

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