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#928276 by mitchja
04 Nov 2016, 11:46
There's a message been posted on the VS home page:

Our new look website and app
We’ve been working hard on a new look website and we’re almost ready for the big reveal. Look out for our new design, which will make it easier than ever to search for and book flights, manage your booking, check in and more. We’ll have a new look mobile website and mobile apps too so, whatever way you choose to visit us, you can expect a great experience.

We’ll be letting you know more about all the new features over the coming weeks. Watch this space for news, tips and tricks on getting the most from our new web and mobile apps.
#928277 by jayden
04 Nov 2016, 11:54
I saw that yesterday and it makes me remember this one :D

So long as system wise things become more functional, reliable and easier to use (a bit like Delta) I think this will be positive! And good riddance to the current app which is basically a web app in a container.
#928286 by slinky09
04 Nov 2016, 14:15
[quote="jayden"]I saw that yesterday and it makes me remember this one :D

Ha ha, it's been one long running joke on hear and I once commented (in 2012) that given the pace of the refresh it'll be 2015 before it's done. How wrong I was, still not done, and now on the next one! But I agree, it'll be good to have a consistent and functioning site for once.
#928288 by tontybear
04 Nov 2016, 14:19
slinky09 wrote: But I agree, it'll be good to have a consistent and functioning site for once.

I'd lower your expectations!

On the DL flyer talk board it's often called 'delta.dumb'
#928533 by marshy11
11 Nov 2016, 09:14
There is a warning on the site today. Take note if you are flying this weekend.

Please check in online as early as possible.

We’re upgrading our systems this weekend. While we do that, some flights will have a shorter Online check in window. We recommend you check in as early as possible for your flight to save time at the airport.
#928568 by marshy11
11 Nov 2016, 22:54
And more tonight.

We’re upgrading our systems this weekend. While we do that, Online check will not be available from 21:30GMT this evening until approximately 03:00 GMT Sunday morning.

Outside these hours, customers may check in 24 hours before their flight departure on our website.

Inside these hours any customers on the following flights can check in with our partners Delta (opens in a new window).

Saturday, 12 November Flights VS0076, VS0030, VS0400, VS044, VS0022, VS0138, VS0074, VS0002, VS0010, VS0016, VS0006.

Sunday, 13 November Online check in will be available from approximately 03:00GMT

For all our customers flying this weekend, we recommend you check in online as early as you can, within the 24hour check in window - to save time at the airport.
More info if you’re flying this weekend
#928586 by seany
12 Nov 2016, 14:44
Not sure if this is anything to do with the updates, but has anyone else failed to have their credit card miles deposited in their FC account this month?
#928588 by mitchja
12 Nov 2016, 14:50
seany wrote:Not sure if this is anything to do with the updates, but has anyone else failed to have their credit card miles deposited in their FC account this month?

My miles went in OK here a few days ago on the 9th.
#928589 by tontybear
12 Nov 2016, 14:59
Mine went through as per normal. Maybe they delayed them for a few days because of the website changes? Easier to stop any non essential transactions in case it falls over
#928596 by LREDI
12 Nov 2016, 18:22
Bet there are a few crossed fingers in VS HQ this evening/tomorrow over this all...

All of the reservation systems are now offline as is Flying Club from what I can see.

Tomorrow, the new site and app go live. Here's hoping for a vast improvement!
#928599 by Wilbs
12 Nov 2016, 21:09

My Amex Black credit card miles have not gone on either, every month they are added on the 10th or 11th, so hopefully they will get sorted tomorrow or monday,
#928603 by MarshMan
13 Nov 2016, 07:16
Well, the new website has had a facelift more than anything, with softer tones and bolder text.

When you login into Flying Club, everything appears a lot more user friendly in terms of navigation and future flights. When selecting your seats, your able to view the available seats in all of the cabins and upgrade from there if you wish. I'm unable to locate shops-away at present. What I do like is the new added option to find flights based on your current miles balance.

They have include an area around your current tier, how many more you need for the next one and an explanation on how many tier points you'll earn per flight based on seat class. They have however, made it more difficult to move up a tier...although thats for another thread.

There are a few broken hyperlinks, which I'm sure will be rectified soon enough. (Seat Bidding)

I like it :)
#928605 by Brook100
13 Nov 2016, 07:35
SlimpyJones wrote:Has anyone else had their TPs not convert correctly? I was sitting on 39 previously, which should change to 975 (everything multiplied by 25), but instead I'm on 750..


I was on 41 (1025 in "new money") and now it says 875, leaving me 6 "old" TPs short from where I was.

I can only assume the missing TPs are the 6 I've earned with VX this year. While they are no longer FC partners as of today, I shouldn't think they'd remove any associated TPs earned previously...would they!? Very much hoping it's a glitch, as it is a difference between renewing gold or not.
#928606 by gumshoe
13 Nov 2016, 07:40
Mine are fine. But I've not flown with VX.

Logging into Flying Club on an iPhone doesn't work, it just tells you to use the app or desktop site which is annoying. Work in progress hopefully.

New FC numbers seem to be 10 digits - mine starts 10222. I wonder if they all do.

I like how it tells me how many flown miles I am from achieving the million needed for lifetime Au (or rather don't like, given how many it is!). I presume you can still earn lifetime Au the other way though, through TPs.

The FC activity statement seems much more intuitive - you can filter it by type of earning (flights, credit card etc) and export it as a PDF. But I can't get it to display data going back any further than 9 months, either by selecting "12 months" or by entering custom dates (which in theory go back three years).

Not sure about the new seat maps in MMB. I like how you can see availability in all three cabins but they're not as visually appealing as the old ones IMHO. Also, if anyone's got a booking on a 747 coming up, have a look at the Upper Deck. My seat map's showing two random rows of seats - 97 and 98 - behind the galley!
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