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#933448 by sythe20
11 Mar 2017, 14:01
I've read that there is an airline check in desk in our hotel (Animal Kingdom Lodge), and Delta is one of the participating airlines. We are connecting in Atlanta on to VS flight to London. As far as I know bags aren't thru-checked anyway.

Does anyone know if we can use the check in desk at Animal Kingdom? Failing that I guess we can still check in at Disney Springs even though it's a connecting flight?

I think i've asked our VH rep so many questions about Dining Plans etc i'm giving her a break! :-D
#933452 by CHill710
11 Mar 2017, 15:21
You will not be able to use the resort check in with your final destination being outside the US and as far as I know you can only use the disney springs desk if on a VS flight out of MCO. I would plan to check in online and drop your bags with DL at the airport who should be able to send them all the way to London leaving the US your bags can be checked all the way through with no need to see them until you arrive at your destination.

You could always e-mail or call Walt Disney World to check. The airline check in is part of the Magical Express service contacting them they should be able to advise further.
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#933453 by daviis
11 Mar 2017, 15:25
Yes you can use the hotel check in for your internal Delta flight but they won't be able to check you or your bags through on to your VS flight.

Be aware that as the people who do the hotel check in are only agents they are VERY strict on the baggage weight allowance......not even 1lbs over !
#933455 by Kraken
11 Mar 2017, 15:37
I've always found Disney Springs check-in to be rather hot on baggage allowances too. I've often checked in there for a UC flight back to the UK with just a "regulation sized" carry-on wheelie case - that could have been carried on before the liquid restrictions. Despite the fact it is highly unlikely this case is over 32kg, I'm always pointed to the scales. (Think the highest weight I've got in it is about 19kg, so not even trying!)

It's a very common sight to see passengers having to unpack / re-pack bags on the floor at Disney Springs check-in to meet their baggage allowance.

As an aside - I bet a lot of passengers who use Disney Springs check-in get away with a lot on carry-on baggage as this does not have to be produced at Disney Springs. The first time a VS [or Swissport] staff member sees your carry-on is at the gate in Orlando.
#933487 by sickbag
12 Mar 2017, 11:10
I remember in the old days just turning up at the parking lot in downtown Disney, parking next to the lorry and them just taking the heavy bags and loading them in without even weighing them. How times have changed.
#933583 by sythe20
19 Mar 2017, 07:00
Thanks for the replies. I think I will check with WDW. I'm wondering if the fact that I now aim to have carry on luggage only will make a difference - I should be able to just check in for the domestic flight, or would they just view it as a whole bag or no bag?

Otherwise Disney Springs it will be, and i'll want to check in what would otherwise have been my carry on as we want to go shopping there on departure day. Or I guess I could wheel my carry on around, buy a huge Disney suitcase and fill it with Disney merchandise, then check that in instead  ;-)
#933587 by gumshoe
19 Mar 2017, 10:05
If you'll only have carry-on luggage you can check in online any time after T-24, print your boarding pass or download it on your phone and go straight to the airport, no need to physically check in.
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