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#933479 by travti
12 Mar 2017, 03:35
I think others have posted about VS canceling some flights to Manchester? This happened to me and I got moved to a Delta flight and my VS PE seats got switched to "Delta Comfort" in the Delta main economy cabin. Delta says these seats are equivalent, which does not appear to be the case, and I can take those or cancel my whole itinerary for a refund. Anyone have a better result? Delta won't give me any credit back either (other than if I cancel the whole itinerary). Flight is less than a month away, so other flights are all booked up or very expensive at this point (many multiples of what I paid). Any experience or advice? Thanks in advance.
#933489 by travti
12 Mar 2017, 19:43
Unfortunately, I booked through Delta, because the first leg of my flight is domestic Delta. For what it's worth, before booking, I asked both Delta and VS customer service whether it would make a difference if I booked through VS or Delta, if there were any issues with the flight, etc. and both VS and Delta customer service told me that there would be no difference. So I went with Delta because the first leg would originate in the US on a Delta flight. Guess that was a mistake.
Now VS says I have to sort it out with Delta and there is nothing they can do. And Delta claims that no one who was in VS PE is getting anything other than the chance to cancel. :( Now that I know others have been offered an upgrade or partial refund (saw that on another thread), I guess I'll go back to Delta and point out the discrepancy. But given how disappointing the customer service so far has been -- from both Delta and VS at this point -- I'm pretty frustrated.
#933491 by Lucydog
12 Mar 2017, 20:18
Ok booked virgin holidays all premium economy vs85 to Las Vegas vs4770 delta delta comfort+ to jfk then jfk to man. Check it's delta comfort + good luck.
#933492 by gumshoe
12 Mar 2017, 20:20
I'm afraid VS are right when they say they can't help you. If you didn't book with them direct, they can't touch your booking.

You'd hope VS would have asked DL to offer partial refunds to affected PE customers, as they're doing themselves. Maybe they have and it hasn't filtered down. Maybe Delta have just refused. Or maybe there's been no communication between them. Who knows, and I sympathise with your plight, it seems very unfair.

Unfortunately, though, if you booked with DL their conditions apply and you're at their mercy.

I'm not even sure EC261/2004 applies here because technically your flight's been cancelled with more than 2 weeks' notice, which gets them out of paying compensation, and the downgrade is on a US-based airline flying back to the UK which doesn't qualify under the terms of the legislation.
#933710 by travti
23 Mar 2017, 02:19
Unfortunately, Delta has confirmed again that customer service is not a priority to them. Even after I pointed to VS offering other passengers partial refunds or upgrades, Delta has refused, even while continuing to claim that passengers who booked through Delta are treated the same as those who booked through VS. Very disappointing.
#933719 by Teachershep
23 Mar 2017, 18:13
I think you really need to fight, we were due to fly Atl to man in pe, it got changed to comfort+, which lets be honest is not comparable, our amazing travel agent, (charter travel) worked hard and in the end secured a £370 ish refund for the two of us, and we still have the comfort+ seats
#933728 by gumshoe
23 Mar 2017, 21:12
But presumably your travel agent booked your flights with VS, who have said all along they'll offer partial refunds to those affected.

DL have made no such promise and bookings made with them, even where they were meant to be on VS metal, are subject to their T&Cs. In an ideal world they would do the right thing but unfortunately they appear to be playing hard ball here.
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