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#933514 by Silver Fox
14 Mar 2017, 23:19
Hi all, I have looked but cannot seem to find the opening hours for the LGW North Clubhouse listed anywhere (or I have missed them totally). Google shows that the v-room is open:

Tuesday 5:20am–1pm
Wednesday 7am–1pm
Thursday 6am–1pm
Friday 7am–1pm
Saturday 5:20am–1pm
Sunday 7am–1pm
Monday 6am–1pm

I wondered if the Clubhouse was the same hours?
#933756 by Silver Fox
24 Mar 2017, 16:54
joetheman wrote:06.15 hrs to 13.00hrs every day

Thanks, we were in the last Thursday and they do open at 0600 on Saturdays and Tuesdays I think they said. But if people aim for 0615 then they are fine. It's very nice in there too !

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