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#933580 by MixedUpRichard
18 Mar 2017, 22:44

Quick questions: I'm fairly sure I spent enough on my Black AMEX to get a Premium Economy Reward upgrade at the card year end (Beginning of Feb). If so, where does it appear in my account and how long does it take to appear roughly?

#933582 by tontybear
19 Mar 2017, 01:53
It will appear in the list of transactions in your FC account just like your miles will.

Can't help with when but likely linked to your statement date.
#933585 by chumba
19 Mar 2017, 08:15
The PE reward upgrade voucher normally appears within a day or two of you annual account date. So if you opened your account in February then they appear subject to the minimum spend every February.

The companion award appears upon meeting the minimum spend, whenever that is.

So if your account was opened in February and you make the minimum spend for the PE within a month or two you still have to wait until the following February for the PE vouchers.

However I seem to recall MBNA have up to one month to tell VS of your eligibility for the PE voucher so it may take 4-5 weeks.

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