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#933591 by property1925
19 Mar 2017, 12:03
I'm about to fly AMS - HKG via LHR on BA on a business fare that is (of course) cheaper than PE in either VS or BA direct from LHR. Hand luggage only; plan to exit LHR on return

A question - will I get BA tier points for the parts of the journey I completed on the way back, or do they have a rule that you have to complete the trip to earn? I could'nt find this in the small print, and I know someone will know!

And the advice - which I appreciate is always subjective - I'm doing this to see if I want to switch from VS (where I'm AU) to oneworld where I will get silver (or maybe gold) if I don't lose tier points for uncompleted journeys. Most of my travel is East to HKG/SIN/KL and the changes to FC, along with loss of HKG clubhouse, fears about VS HKG route and (what so far looks like) higher prices on VS have made me wonder. Any thoughts? (AMS is easy for me from STN)

Thank you and sorry its a bit long winded
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#933592 by gumshoe
19 Mar 2017, 12:22
You will earn Avios & TPs for all the legs you complete.

If you're going to be flying east a lot then it probably makes sense to switch to an alliance that has a decent route network in Asia.

Anecdotal evidence on Flyertalk suggests BA are stricter than VS when it comes to hidden city ticketing though, so will not allow short checking of luggage (not that that's an issue for you on this trip). They will also not interline bags if the connections are on separate PNRs which is a pain, say, if you want to fly AMS-LHR on a revenue booking and LHR-HKG on an Avios booking with an Amex 2-4-1 voucher.

If you're seriously considering switching loyalty to oneworld you could look at routing via Doha on Qatar for Asian destinations. Their J product is said to be streets ahead of BA & VS and of course you'll earn double the TPs as it's two long haul sectors in each direction instead of one.
#933636 by Smid
20 Mar 2017, 16:29
I'd back choose QR for that direction.

I'd even consider doing an ex-DUB to Doha, then to the US, if it was ever cheaper. It isn't. However, shows that I really enjoyed my last QR trip to go 5 hours out the way to use them again...

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