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#933596 by lnf139
19 Mar 2017, 18:26
I have booked a flight for myself and my daughter to UVF for July. I booked the tickets in January and between then and now there hasn't been much difference. The seat map is showing that roughly 70% of the seats are unavailable. The only available seats are a few extra legroom seats and a clump of seats in the middle section...which I find a little strange as if the seats were booked by passengers wouldn't it be more scattered? I wanted a window seat, so now I face having to buy 2 extra legroom seats totalling £80 otherwise we will end up in the middle which I really dislike. I have spoken to a Virgin customer service agent and she said that passengers have indeed paid for these seats and that the flight is very full already. Economy has only 30 seats left...all clumped together and then a few extra legroom and even Premium Economy is also showing only 11 available seats. I find that usually , even with full flights...people avoid buying seats and then race to book seats for free when online check in opens. I checked the flight maps on expert flyer for the flight before and after on the same route and both of them barely have any seats reserved..I'd say about 5 each. Even if the flight was filling I said ...I always found that people wait to book the seats for free 72 hours before. Could virgin be holding back these seats? Doesn't really make sense to me.
#933603 by FLYERZ
19 Mar 2017, 19:22
Remember most passengers without Flying Club status will have to pay for seat allocations. If people do not go down this route in pre-selecting seats they are placed by the system, to be released at the time online check-in opens. I would assume maybe the system places unassigned people in blocks
#933604 by sungod
19 Mar 2017, 19:57
on this route, maybe there're blocks of seats allocated for virgin holidays

as above, perhaps things will ease once OLCI opens, though best to be logged in and ready for it!

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