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#934201 by lynnewob
09 Apr 2017, 07:20
What a great new clubhouse, so much larger than the old one.

Hav chosen a great corner window area to sat in.

Breakfast and first Bellini all done and manicure/polish booked.

What a great way to start a holiday. Vegas here we come.
#934207 by hiljil
09 Apr 2017, 08:39
What a way to start the day :-D

Enjoy it all & have a great time in Vegas.
#934212 by MoJoJo
09 Apr 2017, 09:23
lynnewob wrote:Hi Mojojo
Are you in the Clubhouse now? If so, wave hello. I'm in the corner on my own.

Just arrived... I think I may be sat behind you. I'm on my own, all in black
#934213 by hiljil
09 Apr 2017, 09:35
Do keep us up to date ! Has the Brief Encounter happened ?! :-D
#934226 by marshy11
09 Apr 2017, 16:02
Missed you both but glad you didn't miss each other! Have a fabulous time at your respective destinations.
#934228 by mallin
09 Apr 2017, 16:39
Hi Lynne,
Guess you will be well on your way by now, as it's only 8.30 here just in time for the good weather. All the winds and dust have gone and the temperatures will be climbing each day. Vegas is fairly busy but not as bad as have seen it in the past.

Have a good trip and enjoy your stay. Linda :-D
#934458 by lynnewob
16 Apr 2017, 10:12
Hi all

Now back in the UK and catching up.

I did manage to meet Jo, albeit very briefly as my LAS flight was called. We had a very short chat and she jumped into my lovely corner spot - a very nice place to wait in the sunshine.

Mallin - it was windy on the Thursday still as I sat by the pool at the Wynn and towels were flying into the pool. It did enable me to sit outside a little longer than usual though and have red knees to show for it (not sure why they always burn when everything else doesn't!).

It was sad to leave on Friday when the wind had dropped.

Hope your flight home was good, thankfully mine was.

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