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#934373 by Auto Pilot
13 Apr 2017, 11:36
Not long now only two weeks before MAN to MCO in PE booked along time ago but unfortunatly had a stroke in Sept not missing out on our yearly trip tp Florida, only thing is what is the procedure when you have informed Virgin you will require assistance to the aircraft never having been in this position what happens, can only walk short distance, hopefully things will improve in time thank you, can't wait................
#934377 by matt.hibb
13 Apr 2017, 11:56
Last year sometime I took some relatives to MAN who both needed similar assistance at the airport. I helped them checkin, same process as normal. I'm pretty sure I recall the checkin agent knowing they booked assistance and directed us to the assistance area (I don't know a better term for it). Basically there is a little area opposite the VS checkin area (i.e. behind you as you face the VS checkin desks) that handles all passengers requiring assistance. There was a little wait while an airport employee arrived with a wheelchair and whisked them through security. It all seemed well organised and stress free. Can't comment after that point as I wasn't flying. Obviously somebody will be available to help you get to the gate and board, but what happens in the time between getting air side and boarding commencing I've no idea.
#934385 by Auto Pilot
13 Apr 2017, 15:18
Thanks Matt for what you know of, I just hope it's one of those magic flights where you get on in a wheelchair and you beat every able bodied person to customs seen it so many times, I'm not that lucky, it's magic........thank you for the info again, and stay safe....

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