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#935357 by Daffodil
19 May 2017, 15:16
I have been collecting Waitrose Virgins Flying Club miles since the start of the scheme ( 4th April 2017).
My account has 1,500 miles pending but none approved.
I was just wondering if any other v-flyers have had their miles approved yet and showing in their FC account.
#935360 by Snora
19 May 2017, 16:31
I emailed Flying Club about this very subject two days ago. They are showing as pending in my account, several transactions since March 27th - but non approved. No reply to email yet. I haven't registered my card with any other eStore scheme so doubt if 'card clash' is the issue in this instance. Will be interesting to see what they say.
#935362 by tomthumb
19 May 2017, 17:06
I have two lots approved from 23 and 24th March - so it is happening
#935365 by marshy11
19 May 2017, 17:18
I've had them, both pending and credited. Mr Marshy hasn't but he has another offer on his card (the H4Points post is correct and what is more we cannot remove his card from the other offer as he has miles pending for that one).
#935416 by lovetoholiday
22 May 2017, 10:29
Hi all

I have had just 42 miles approved (from 31/3/17) but another 1090 pending. Seems slow...

#935418 by Snora
22 May 2017, 15:10
Daffodil wrote:Thanks for the replies.
I also haven't registered my card with any other eStore.
Snora I would be very interested to hear the outcome of you email to the Flying Club, should they respond.

so no reply to my email but on checking my account today I have been credited 474 miles which represent 5 in total transactions made between Apr 1st and Apr 3rd. (several shops for food plus cafe visits) but not the 70 miles transaction on 27th March.

so I guess it is happening for me now anyways...
#935445 by Daffodil
23 May 2017, 14:41
Thanks everyone for the updates.
Still no miles showing on my account but I didn't start collecting until 4th April.
Its going to be an awfully slow process if they are only crediting on the actual dates of the spend.
So still hopeful of having some of my 1,600 miles soon.
#935451 by pjh
24 May 2017, 08:32
HeadforPoints is reporting;

"According to the Virgin website, the Waitrose deal will change tomorrow. It isn’t clear how. It could go away entirely or the rate could drop from 4 miles per £1 – which I personally see as over-generous, given that margins are paper-thin in grocery retailing – to something more sustainable.

More here
#935500 by tomthumb
25 May 2017, 10:50
Daffodil wrote:Dash should've saved my big shop from yesterday until today.

Some you win, some you lose - there is another thread stating £1 to mile!
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