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#939124 by deep_south
16 Oct 2017, 00:38
Thanks for the heads up on this; my wife and I have a long weekend in early December to New York and we had booked the 45 & 46. I called FC this afternoon and initially they didn't know what I was talking about. After some checking they confirmed it and moved us to 1 & 2 to EWR instead. Looks like we got the last pair of seats coming back on 2 on 5th December...
#939134 by McCoy
16 Oct 2017, 16:55
mitchja wrote:TBH, as I'm in Premium I'm not really bothered about the A/C type (I do actually prefer the earlier VS117 arrival time into MIA but V Hols had no availability on the flight anyway when I booked this in January) - just as long as I now don't end up flying on DL metal!!

It's Premium economy pax who are going to be the hardest hit by all of this if they do end up on DL metal on any route as they may end up sitting in Comfort Plus seats with most certainly is not Premium Economy (unless DL use the A/C that do have the new International 'Delta Premium Select' Premium Economy seats installed?)

My VS flights to ATL next month have just been switched over to DL.
Same dates and times.

I was booked in PE, and have been upped to Delta One.... :D

"The aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines does not have a Premium Economy cabin and as a result, we can no longer deliver this service. However, we hope you will be pleased to hear we have instead, upgraded you to Delta Air lines business class cabin called Delta One."

I've never flown Delta before, never mind Delta One, so quite looking forward to it, actually.

EDIT... I wonder what tier points I'll get..?!
#939138 by McCoy
16 Oct 2017, 17:50
Oh, I know original booking is what is ‘supposed’ to happen, but we all know multiple flights/class changes play havoc with the ZX81 they use to process these things...!


I’m VS Au, so clubhouse etc all good!
#939165 by tugpilot
17 Oct 2017, 17:47
My understanding is that any shortfall will now be covered by retained/re-instated A346s. Wouldn't mind if that happened to me on my DEL in Feb actually - last trip down memory lane. But I guess unlikely as problem sorted by then/US routes more likely see 346s.
#939167 by fusionblue
17 Oct 2017, 22:17
I was bumped from VS137 in PE to VS3 next week, all the seats are gone and i was told to "get my seat at the airport". I'm AU too.

In december i've been bumped from 45 in PE, but my OTA rang VS and she basically told me to call back at the end of the month.
#939201 by markyl
20 Oct 2017, 14:02
Sat, 4 Nov 2017 flight Number VS 6 we have now been switched to a Airbus A340-600
#939208 by ColOrd
20 Oct 2017, 20:24
Agreed the IFE to me is pretty much just for the moving map anyway!

The bar on the 346 and 747 LHR config is the best one!
#939312 by Sealink
28 Oct 2017, 03:23
My VS flight to Atlanta, 20 NOV has been moved from VS to DL.

A bit disappointed in that there will be no onboard bar, but happy to see what food DL serve. My previous DL flight had the best transatlantic food ever :D
#939313 by travelmad51
28 Oct 2017, 08:44
Looks like our VS 5 in late November has also changed to an A340. Ive not been informed officially but I have done a dummy booking on VA for my flight and its now showing an A340.

Ive already picked my seat 4 and 5 A on the 787/9 Will they still allocate the same seats or just reassign randomly?

What are the best UC seats on the A340?

Thanks in advance, you guys are always really helpful

#939315 by mitchja
28 Oct 2017, 09:42
VS don't usually inform you when it's just an A/C change though do they?

My VS5/6 flights are both still showing as a B789 for late Dec / early Jan, both in my booking and when doing a dummy booking.
#939444 by Hamster
05 Nov 2017, 22:36
Nikolic wrote:The two 787s outside the LHR hangar are both without engines by the looks of it.

Yes currently 2 787's out at a time while Rolls Royce modify and replace the engines. They all need to be done.
#939526 by LREDI
11 Nov 2017, 13:32
My VS105 and 106 have both been moved from 789 to A340-600. Not very impressed to be honest. Appreciate the reasons why but would have preferred to actually of been moved to DL more chance of a DL One upgrade...
#939532 by LREDI
11 Nov 2017, 14:23
Sorry referring to DL, I would of preferred SEA to have been moved to be DL operated whilst VS undertake the repairs to the 789s. Suppose, personal opinion but I avoid the A346 at all costs. I think its a far inferior experience compared to the 787 and even the A330.
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