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#937333 by Mg7
09 Aug 2017, 08:03
Ok so in May, I was really please with myself fo saving£500 on booking flights through delta rather than virgin (same flights) but the experience of having to deal with delta customer services after one of my, virgin operatered, flight was cancelled will stop me doing that again. So the delta tel. number for us in the uk now goes through to Air France.... ( one number to deal with Air France, klm and delta) these people are unhelpful, uneducated and rude..... unlike the people at virgin who I would give the yearly award to for there excellent gold standard customer services.. thank you to the two ladies that calmed me down and listened to me yesterday
#937338 by SlimpyJones
09 Aug 2017, 08:30
Delta's UK customer services have been handled by AF for quite some time, it's not a new thing. On the one occasion I've had to call DL customer services I got through to an AF agent and he was incredibly friendly and helpful. Like all customer service centres, you get the odd bad egg. Still, sorry to hear of your troubles and glad Virgin were able to set things straight.
#937401 by Mg7
09 Aug 2017, 21:19
Yes we moved to the following day and returning a day later. Because they would only give me economy seats on other delta flights avail either the same day. Even though business class was empty. Thanks for asking...
#937418 by catsilversword
10 Aug 2017, 13:44
Good to hear that you did get sorted out. I wonder though - if you'd accepted the economy class seats (assuming from your post that your cancelled flights were in either PE or UC?) - what would have happened with compensation, for flying a lower class than you originally booked?
#937437 by David1946
11 Aug 2017, 09:30
Back in April I also had a query which entailed ringing Delta Customer services and obviously spoke to the same AF agent. She was rude most unhelpful and just told me to ring VS. As it wasn't a VS query I emailed Delta Customer Services and they couldn't have been more helpful and sorted the problem out .
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