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#937388 by vmike
09 Aug 2017, 18:23
Hi folks, Hope i find you all well. The wife and i shall be heading off on our annual Carribean Holiday to Grenada in early Sept. As the norm now we are PE out (day flight) and UC return. After a particularly stressful few months we may (or not) be in a position to celebrate by the time of our flight out in PE. I was just wondering would the crew be likely to let me purchase a bottle of Champagne after dinner. We are mid fifties, somewhat respectable and will have left the only family member known to cause trouble in sing sing (Mittens). I would prefer not to ask if it was a no no. Thankyou.
#937389 by buns
09 Aug 2017, 18:41
The menu issued on board specifically states:

"We also offer mini bottles of champagne, so you can toast your journey or celebrate a special occasion. Just ask a crew member for details. £14 for on bottle of £24 for two"

#937390 by tontybear
09 Aug 2017, 18:45
VS offer this for example which might meet your needs.

Buying off the duty free trolly would be slighty different though.

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