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#938312 by thejuice
11 Sep 2017, 11:44
We had a bit of luck this morning when I did my daily reward check, as I noticed there were 2 Gs available LHR to SFO for our honeymoon next August.

I booked over the phone as we needed to use the miles from our own accounts and was told they would be linked. Looking at the bookings now they appear to be totally seperate with no reference of the other both in the confirmation emails and via the bookings online. We had to book seats separately (went for 3a and 4a) so I assume check in will be the same?

So what exactly was linked? With it being a special occasion and our first ever upper class flight I really want to minimise the stress for the wife to be ;-)
#938314 by mitchja
11 Sep 2017, 14:36
I believe alI airlines can do when they say they 'link' bookings is just make a note of the other booking reference in each separate booking.

It will also be in a section of the booking not accessibly by you as well, where only staff can see it.

Online check-in will be exactly the same, however, you will just have to do it for each person separately.
#938316 by marshy11
11 Sep 2017, 15:27
Congratulations on the G's and the forthcoming marriage.
#938318 by thejuice
11 Sep 2017, 16:16
Thanks all, yes Im sure we will enjoy it. Looking to grab a PE return from LAS or LAX in a few weeks.

I think after this trip she won't want to fly any other way!
#938319 by marshy11
11 Sep 2017, 16:46
thejuice wrote:I think after this trip she won't want to fly any other way!

That is a certainty. It will be expensive so I hope she's a "keeper"!! :-D
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