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#938351 by mikeecix
12 Sep 2017, 21:09
Had a chat with FC about redeeming miles with Delta and they said that since 1st Sept, taxes have increased but miles decreased to bring them more in line with VS charges (the increase is due to a "fuel surcharge"...<rolls eyes>. They quoted the following:

ATL-LHR Delta One = 47,500 + £112.60 tax / Main Cabin = 12,500 + £112.50 tax (standard season dates)

Not sure how many miles were needed before 1st Sep but the increase in tax from $5 to £112 is a bit disappointing. However, when you compare it to ATL-LHR on VS Upper = 47,500 miles and $501, it's a bargain!

Using miles on Delta for flights within the US/Canada is 12,500 each way in Y and 22,500 each way in First (not a bad use of miles in Y for East-West Coast flights).

#938359 by s2driveruk
13 Sep 2017, 06:57
I recently booked 3xreward flights in Delta One from Portland to LHR for 150k miles and £13.20 total in taxes. The min miles for the reward tickets was 45k but dates drove a slightly higher redemption rate of 50k ea.

So miles themselves havent moved much but taxes have increased substantially since the start of the month...though still less than ex LHR, which was £380-ish for a us east cost G ticket.
#939026 by mikeecix
11 Oct 2017, 21:48
Another "great" re-alignment between Virgin and Delta.....taxes on Delta have now increased >300% and are the same as Virgin...

So that 1 way US-UK Delta Business Class miles redemption which went up a couple of months ago from £5 to £105 is now £382!

Nice one Virgin >-(
#939027 by tontybear
11 Oct 2017, 22:02
mikeecix wrote:I did ask them for a breakdown but after 5 mins on hold, all they could say it was "fuel surcharge".

Well that is definitly NOT a tax as it is nothing to do with the Government.

Taxes are things like UK APD and US Transportation tax.

Fees are things like Airport Pasenger Charges, Airport Improvement Fees and US customs and the 9/11 Security fee.

Surcharges are 100% within the control of the airline.
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