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#939002 by cks9865
10 Oct 2017, 21:11
Back in February I booked what I believe to be the second biggest bargain with air miles which is 120k for 1st class to Tokyo (imho 75k first class with Air China is number 1)

Anyway conformation email in hand I then booked hotel accommodation and activities for the week.

However today I have noticed that Virgin have misprinted my confirm and have me landing on the same day I take off. At first I thought this was time difference but in fact it is an error as I actually land 24 hours later.

My hotel is saying that I need to pay for first night which I booked but will still be in the air as I am now within their chargeable cancellation period

Does anyone know if I am able to claim this from Virgin as the date mistake was their doing?

Many Thanks

#939003 by gumshoe
10 Oct 2017, 22:03
I very much doubt it. Airlines are not liable for incidental expenses that aren't covered by EC261/2004.

It's the passenger's responsibility to check that everything's ticketed correctly. You had a 24 hour cooling off period to do so.
#939039 by Silver Fox
12 Oct 2017, 10:32
The one thing I would say is double check with the hotel and confirm that they know that you are paying for a first night you will not use so they are not tempted to put you down as a "no-show" and cancel the rest of your stay.

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