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#940697 by oceanscape
11 Jan 2018, 09:48
Are the excess mileage charges online anywhere or do I have to call up?

Specifically talking about DXB. We need to go to Abu Dhabi, which will be over the 75-mile limit, so I want to know what we will have to pay (and whether it will actually just be cheaper to book our own transfer!)

#940699 by Kraken
11 Jan 2018, 10:39
The excess mileage charges in the UK are high. VS wanted to charge me over £30 for about 92 driven miles from the airport, despite their website (at the time) saying it was a 70 mile radius from the airport that you were allowed & I live within this radius. They eventually backed down & the website was updated almost overnight.

In theory, excess mileage in the UAE should be pretty cheap, given that fuel & taxi's are dirt cheap over there (about the only two things that are cheap in Dubai!)
#940717 by chumba
11 Jan 2018, 20:22
I was looking at a chauffeur car last year arriving DXB then transfer to Abu Dhabi. FC told me when I enquired that in the UAE, the chauffeur car will take you from DXB to Abu Dhabi and back at no extra cost. Abu Dhabi is within range of their limits.

I was using FC points for the journey as travelling on a reward flight.

As it was however the trip never came off. :-(

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