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#930933 by Maximus
05 Jan 2017, 13:29
Happy New Year everyone.

I am posting to see if any of you have used Holiday Extras to book airport hotel & parking packages?

Our next trip is out of LHR5 & we want to stay at the Sofitel before & after our flights. Unfortunately the departure date is unavailable (other than expensive suites & all the parking packages have gone Accorr tell me). I knew I should have booked earlier but was holding out for a sale! However, Holiday Extras ( are selling 17 days parking and a room for one night for a reasonable charge.

Trust Pilot has an 8.8 rating for this company and i am tempted to go for it, but unknown third party bookings always make me a tad apprehensive, so any feedback would be appreciated.

I think I may have used them for a hotel/ parking package at LCY last year and that went well, but not 100% sure it was the same company.
#930934 by JofromWales
05 Jan 2017, 13:43
Hi there. I have used them on numerous occasions with no problems. Most recently in December 2016 for Cardiff airport. Worked out much cheaper than paying HIExpress direct.
Have also used them for No1 Lounge bookings with no issues.
You can always book with Holiday Extras then email the hotel a week or so before to confirm your reservation.
Happy travels.
#930954 by Spineynorman
05 Jan 2017, 21:47
Used to use Holiday Extras a lot without any problem, so I'm sure you'll be fine.

However have used them once again to book Sofitel at Gatwick prior to our trip to Antigua in a few weeks as Amex were offering 15% cash back on Holiday Extras bookings - much cheaper than booking directly with Sofitel!
#930960 by marshy11
06 Jan 2017, 08:05
Have a read of Martin's Moneysaving tips, ... rt-parking they give discount vouchers and Holiday Extras are one of the top picks.
#930983 by Hev60
06 Jan 2017, 18:14
Yes I too have used Holiday extras many times over the years for both booking the Hilton and car parking. They used to offer a super deal, using the Short Stay car park at Gatwick South terminal but that was before Purple Parking got in on the act.

If you can get a good deal from them, go for it and you will be perfectly safe.

The Sofitel at T5 is an absolutely wonderful hotel in my opinion. I picked up three rooms at a ridiculously low last mninute rate a couple of years back. However that was through 'Secret Escapes' who was offering rooms at their mystery hotel adjoining HeathrowT5 (it wasn't rocket science to work out it was the Sofitel :-D )
#930989 by Sealink
06 Jan 2017, 20:32
They've been around for over 30 years (previously as Apple Booking Company) and are sound.
#931010 by Maximus
07 Jan 2017, 01:00
Thank you all. I have booked us in now. Sofitel Heathrow is my favourite airport hotel and great for T5 departures. The parking is a breeze there.
#931012 by mitchja
07 Jan 2017, 11:23
Just remember that if you are a member of a hotel loyalty program, you generally don't earn any points or status for hotel stays you have book via third parties.

Not sure about the Accor loyalty program but I do know that IHG (and I think Hilton too) will only award points for any extra charges (mini bar / restaurant bills etc.) and not the actually room booking when the booking was made via third parties.
#931013 by Hev60
07 Jan 2017, 11:58
Yes that was how it worked for me. I am a member of the Accor loyalty programme but as we booked The Sofitel via Secret Escapes my reservations were not recognised and she also said I wasn't entitled to any upgrades or other perks. However my deal had been so brilliant at just £85 per room I was more than happy.
#931033 by Maximus
07 Jan 2017, 22:39
I have booked the Sofitel as a "Mystery Hotel" a few times in the past and they did recognise my status, giving me a free drink, room upgrade and lounge access. Perhaps policy has changed.
#931261 by Spineynorman
12 Jan 2017, 20:52
I asked if I would get my points/benefits if I booked through Holiday Extras and got this reply:

"We just would like to remind you that all bookings made outside AccorHotels Eligible booking channels (, AccorHotels mobile App, AccorHotels Central Reservations and directly at the hotel) are not eligible to earn Le Club points."
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