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#931892 by catsilversword
25 Jan 2017, 17:35
I'm curious - does anyone have thoughts as to why homes in Rotonda (Florida) are such good value? We've stayed there a few times and it's a fantastic area, how come they don't command higher rentals?

Not that it's a complaint, of course....
#931893 by hiljil
25 Jan 2017, 17:49
I think it is because it is basically still an " undiscovered " area away from the main tourist spots of Venice & the barrier islands. The homes are slightly further away from the Gulf Beaches and in a more residential neighbourhood which may be not yet be so fashionable for rentals. Also some of the homes were repossessed during the slump so some parts had an air of neglect. But I agree - the homes there are great value ! And when too many people discover them their prices will rise !!
#931911 by Hev60
25 Jan 2017, 23:31
Yes agree with Hiljil the prices have alot to do with the gulf beach access.

We stayed once in a complex around Bradenton, Sarasota. However it was a real pain getting to the beach, lots of traffic there and back. Thats why we pump for rentals on Long Boat Key these days and plan our exit off that barrier island when we know traffic if not too bad but prices are very high though.

Often you can pick up a wonderful large rental villa with loads of room and a huge pool on really nice complexes away from the beach and if the price is right, then I personally think thats a good idea. However to others (like my family ;-) the beach is more important).
#931922 by catsilversword
26 Jan 2017, 10:58
I agree, much does depend on what your preferences are, as well as family dynamics! Been a whole lot of debate as to where to go later this year, we've bounced ideas around on both coasts of the US, endlessly! Ideally, would have liked to go back to Arizona, but flight prices are just silly, even if we were to go to LAX and then connect. The price differential alone will probsly almost pay for accommodation, so there's a decision almost made.

Or maybe not....

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