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#933524 by clanger
15 Mar 2017, 15:48
US Domestic BOS-LAS RTN 9-15 April
So it seems I'm trying to put a round peg in a square hole here, its a really busy time and I'm leaving this goal is to try and get this flight somehow and OH refuses to travel coach for the whole distance...

Currently the best I can get is a whopping £900 pp in business on Delta. Ive tried virgin and ba to try and book reward tickets with delta/american but no surprise there is no luck there.

I've tried all sorts of options/routings/in and out of New York/MHP and into LAX/SFO but nothing is looking any better price wise.

Two questions:

1. Does anyone have any knowledge about unusual cheaper routings in the US or any other trick I can try to get the price down?

2. There are no direct flights on this route so was thinking could do 1 flight business and one there a search engine that I can price different legs in different classes?

Thank you very much for anyone's input...and apologies for my very first world issue!
#933525 by gumshoe
15 Mar 2017, 16:31
Hmmm, tricky.

£900 may seem a lot but remember the distance isn't actually that much less than London to New York which is typically £2,000 or more in business class.

If I were in your shoes I'd consider the JetBlue direct flights for £500. Admittedly no First Class, but if you can get an exit row (ideally row 11 on the A320) the seat pitch is great, 39", which is better than First on DL or AA. Plus you get free drinks & snacks, wifi & live TV. Arguably just as good as what DL or AA will give you in First, and without the hassle and risks of connecting flights.
#933527 by clanger
15 Mar 2017, 17:09
As you've said this it may convince the OH! Great advice thanks.
PS Gumshoe I wanted to say a massive thank you for your last gem of advice - my flight Dub-LHR was delayed but armed with what you told me about transfers and a bit of running, I made it to the clubhouse with time to glug a glass of prosecco and made my flight -without your advice I would have missed it entirely so thank you very much for that.
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