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#933559 by Virgin AU Flyer
17 Mar 2017, 12:55
As our summer holiday this year will be longer than normal, we are planning to do a one off laundry load half way thru the holiday. This will allow us to reduce luggage we take as we have a toddler to pack for too. Rather than paying the hotels high charges I have seen some companies whom have a hotel pick up and drop off service. Price look much more reasonable. The one I particularly noted was Las Vegas Laundry Services. Anyone have any experience of them or any other better ideas?
#933569 by sungod
18 Mar 2017, 08:08
usa hotels often have washers/dryers for guests to use, essentially an in-house laundrette, often notice them on the way to the gym, at the last hotel it was in the gym!

might be worth taking some of your preferred washing stuff

though doing washing on hols, hmmm

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