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#934276 by sungod
10 Apr 2017, 19:15
simple answer is yes

i'm sure there'll be some profiling going on, but if there's also some random element injected to avoid obvious bias then anyone could end up on the spot

irrespective of country, unless you're a citizen or travelling with diplomatic/similar privileges, there's no good alternative to obedience if you're faced with an official at the border who wants you to do as you're told

even if you 'win' an argument the likelihood is that you'll experience considerable delay/hassle and end with your name on a list somewhere
#934290 by catsilversword
10 Apr 2017, 21:36
I don't know, it seems to me as though we're being pushed further and further back into a corner. I do understand the need for security, of course I do, but actually, how much difference have any of the measures already in place made?
#934292 by gumshoe
11 Apr 2017, 04:49
Clearly we will never know.

But the Met Police head of counter-terrorism has said publicly 13 plots have been thwarted in the UK alone since Fusilier Lee Rigby was killed in 2013. Two weeks after he said that, one succeeded.

So I'm of the belief that additional security measures for travellers, however frustrating and onerous, are implemented for the greater good and for a reason rather than on a whim.

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